Non sequitur

I’m not much the home-lazing-around type on holidays, I usually prefer to be out of the house away from reminders of “what I should do” such as cleaning my wardrobe and sorting my desk. :p If I am at home I find myself on the couch in front of the TV or on my bed in front of the laptop then I get so bored I fall asleep. Haha ^^;;

On the weekend my friend held a BBQ which also became a surprise party for another friend. A lot of us haven’t spoken since 2nd year, now that we are working and studying at different hospitals around Victoria, so there was a lot of catching up and reminiscing the days when we were on university campus. This was an opportunity to wear my new playsuit :D I’ve been looking for a pant-leg playsuit (with a cool back) for some time however they never make playsuits in my size! This one I’m wearing is actually 3/4 leg, however it’s full-leg on me :) Also adorned with a gold-black head band — I’m loving this new flowy floppy ruffled haircut, it suits head-hands well!

Today my little sister and I went Christmas shopping which was a failure; only one present — a lovely red dress for Mum from Ojay :) (fingers crossed she likes it– we’re trying to subtlely change her wardrobe, hehe).  Hopefully will have more luck with presents this weekend.

Anyway, a Leanne blog post won’t be complete without food photos, so here’s this week menu :P (felt for carbs this week!)

A long day running around organising paperwork, ID and money for my trip in January (excited!), my friend and I dropped by TGI Fridays for carb loading. The menu was a cliche American menu (based on my knowledge from American TV shows & movies) and I just wanted to try everything! We had potato skins and buffalo wings for entree and for mains friend had steak and I had the ribs with fries and coleslaw. Thank gosh it had the coleslaw I would have died with all the meat D: Plates were placed on our table and I thought “challenge accepted”, (hehe) and I’m proud to say I finished my ribs, coleslaw and 90% of the fries! All drumsticks done and one potato skin left :D

Went out for an art-run the other day at one of my fav art supply stores and had 40 mins left on the parking meter so decided to have lunch at a nearby Korean cafe. Ordered the pork bimbibap, which was okay.. not as flavoursome as other places but filled the tummy :)

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful week! ♥

  1. Natalie said:

    Thanks for the comment! You look cute :) and the food looks so delicious! Wings and ribs… yummm

  2. Anna said:

    I love the pictures! Very conceptual :D And your outfit is cool! This is the first day of my christmas break and I’m already sitting in the sofa reading blogs and surfing the net. Haha. But I’ll get some christmas shopping done later today! :D

  3. Lorik said:

    Awww Leanne~ You look so cute ^_____^
    My sister and I are trying (very hard) to change my mom’s wardrobe too! For her birthday I bought her so many clothes and at first she refused to wear them…but now, she won’t wear anything else – success!!

  4. Thao said:

    I love your outfit! It’s super adorable!

    Hahaha, yup, that looks super American alright. Although the portion size looks a bit small though, lol… I usually can’t handle going to TGIFs and places like that too often. Heart attack waiting to happen.

    And you’re right, now that I think about, a Leanne post isn’t complete without food pictures!!!

  5. Leanne said:

    Lorik — awww that’s great! My mother still hasn’t changed her style much. I think it’s because most of the outfits we buy she prefers to wear them on special occasions. :p

    Thao — the earlier photo was taken once we had started eaten so the portions were much larger.. however i’m guessing they will maybe smaller compared to America :D

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