Disney & Audrey

I went to two exhibitions over the last month which I have been excited to blog about!

Last week I went to the Disney exhibition “Dreams Come True” at ACMI, Fed Square. I’m not a huge fan of the man, Disney, I always thought he was weird however after the exhibition I found a respect for him, especially his drive and sense of perfection. I now, like and view my Disney movies beyond the screen.. I think it’s understanding the amount of effort which went into these films and their significant role  in cartoon animation. Did you know that “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” was the first Disney film and the first coloured featured film? It was released in 1937! 1937?! I didn’t realise it was so old, considering coloured television did not reach Australia until 1956.

The time and effort put into the characters and the story is astounding — it was definitely a group effort with amazing artists. It was very interesting to see the concept sketches for the characters such as the seven Dwarves, the evil Queen (she originally had a pet panther!), the Beast, Ariel and her prince, Cinderella’s clothing! They also showcased the newer movies Tangled and the Princess and the Frog, however I don’t think they capture the magic like the old films. I highly recommend this exhibition! :D

Before exams I raced down to Melbourne to Audrey Kawasaki’s show at the Outre Gallery. I had been looking forward to this for months and was hoping to attend opening night where the artist herself would be present however I had uni commitments and went the day after. Previous exhibitions showcased “prints” of her work however this one had 5 originals. I am always admiring her prints at the gallery, but to see the originals was mindblowing and I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with seeing copies. The texture of the wood just complements the colours of her girls so beautifully. Her lines are explicit and I love seeing the pencil underneath the paint. Gah– can’t you tell I’m a fan?! :P

  1. Veronica said:

    Oh my gosh, I want to see her stuff in person someday

  2. Anna said:

    The Disney classics are definitely the best ones :) I’ve watched the Frog movie too, and I can’t say I liked it.

    You’re so lucky to get to see her showcase :) Does she live in Melbourne or something?

  3. Lorik said:

    AH! that’s so awesome~ I’m trying to find some exhibitions to go to myself~
    I agree that the older Disney cartoons are just…amazing in a different way. The care with which they were made…is different~ I saw the Frog movie too…but it wasn’t good mehhh mehhh~

  4. f said:

    DISNEY = DAEBAK, WONDERFUL, ETC. My friends & I loved the Princess and the Frog! Some of the concept art was really gorgeous.

  5. Leanne said:

    Anna – Audrey lives in the States. This was her first visit here and the first time she had some of her original work here. If you want to check out her future exhibitions you should follow her blog… easily accessible, search google :)

  6. Leanne said:

    Aw, I was supposed to see Audrey Kawasaki at Outre too but I was so busy with everything I couldn’t make it. I even RSVP’ed to the opening night ahhhhh. I’m so devo :(

  7. Thao said:

    I absolutely love the Disney classics. I watched them over and over again when I was 4. That was how I learned English. Sadly, I was disappointed when people don’t suddenly break out in songs in real life.

    I haven’t watched many of the new ones since none of them appealed to me. The magic just isn’t the same.

    But yes, I am absolutely jealous of all of the cool art exhibits you get to go to. There’s really nothing around my town/city.

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