I got lost in my mind

Where has everyone gone? I don’t blog for couple of months and the blogosphere has changed! D:

Anyway what have I been up to?

Visited my lovely hairdresser who I haven’t been to her for nearly a year because of laziness and busy — ness hence I developed a mullet and mini ponytail. But all that is gone and I have a wispy pixie-ish look. I wanted to look a little more feminine instead of the “edgy” and “structured” cuts I have had in the past. (Photo does not do it justice!)

Yesterday, celebrated passing of exams (well not needing to do supplementary exams) at  Basque, a Spanish tapas bar slash restaurant on Chapel street. The mains, vegie lasagna and seafood paella were pretty good. Lasagna was made from eggplant, carrots and capsicum(?) and topped with goat’s cheese which reminded me of the Mediterranean platters you purchase at the deli. Paella was nice and had plenty of seafood, however I’m wondering whether I really like this dish, having tried it once before and feeling satisfied but not satisfied, if you get me.

Dish of the night was the Churros. These are the best churros I have ever had! Crispy on the outside and soft/creamy on the inside covered in loads of cinnamon and sugar. Thinking about it makes me mouth water. Overall the place had a nice Spanish vibe- sweet waiters with sexy espanol accents, hefs singing along to the music and people greeting each other with big bro hugs. :D Would go again to try the tapas menu :)

Still feeling for more sweetness after those delicious churros so we ventured down Chinatown and I got fried icecream while my counterpart had greentea ice-cream.

Christmas decorations are up around the city. Check this out, an upside down Christmas tree in a restaurant!

  1. Anna said:

    Oh! Green tea icecream is soooo good! First time I tried it was when I was in Japan this summer. Mmmm! Yummy.

    And yes, I remember taking a pause for a couple of months around this time last year, and when I came back, everything had changed. Lots of people stopped blogging and so on.. :(

    Ive missed your posts :) Im glad youre back.

  2. Leanne said:

    The cut looks lovely on you as always! Also the food… ahhh! i’ve still yet to try Spanish tapas, might need to put it off and go to Melbourne.

    That tree is so amazing, only in Melbourne seriously haha.

  3. heather said:

    you look absolutely adorable with short hair !
    & on a random note; I’ve always wanted an upside down xmas tree. I’ve seen them in shops & restaurants all my life, & i think i need on in my life~
    take care.

  4. Jen said:

    I’ve been missing your blogs with all the yummy food when you were gone! Welcome back and your hair is adorable!

    I love churros…what is that shot glass in the middle of it though? Dipping?

  5. Leanne said:

    Jen – yes it is dipping.. it is dark chocolate :) over here all churros come with dipping chocolate.

  6. Erica said:

    Hello! It’s my first time visiting your blog, and I love the content! You have great food pictures!! :>

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