Things I Love

It’s been a while hasn’t it? :) I was going to write up another post but then I thought “nope nope, I have to celebrate the good things – Things I Love!”

So here is a mish-mash of things which made me smile this week:

Hanging out with Frances (we’ve known each other for 10 years!!! 10!! She is now a full-fledge nurse and I’m soon to be a full-fledge doctor :D ); dancing; Yum Cha; my little sister (she’s so cute and funny!); being home (I like being independent but I do miss my family); meeting up with my childhood friend; going on a winery cruise; “I’m on a boat!!”; Carla Zampatti (she designs the most beautiful gowns which I hope to wear one day); tequila & pineapple – who knew?; dining at a restaurant hidden underground and concealed by a black curtain; my Marc Jacobs bag; Glee (ahhh Blaine!!!) and Nelly’s Just a Dream – looooove this song!

What has made you grin like a cheshire cat this week?

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  1. Thao said:

    Thanksgiving holiday and get-togethers with friends. And Black Friday shopping with my friend. Lots of yummy foods. And games with friends. And just having a small little break before I have to head back to school and study for my final exams….

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