Nearly there!

Im so happy that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner. Sunshine really improves my mood. It makes it easier to wake up in the morning and staying back at the clinic working does not seem as bad.  Sorry for my lack of blogging. Winter brought on illness, stress & grumpy doctors, so a chance to get out and rest was high priority.

I have exams in a few weeks so I’ll be out of action til then. These are our last important exams for Med so I kind of have to knuckle down. Also I prefer to spend my non-study time relaxing & enjoying the sun then sitting in front of the laptop.

Hope everyone has been well! Good luck for exams!

  1. Thao said:

    I figured you were super busy, although I forgot that it was winter for you. That’s always a rough season. It’s completely understandable. Take care and good luck on your exams!!

  2. daisy said:

    its definitely muuch easier to wake up in the morning during the summer =p
    good luck on the exams!

  3. Maggie said:

    Good luck for your exams! :) And I love that the weather is warming up too! Just makes the days just soo much more nice ^_^

  4. Anna said:

    Good luck with your exams! Looking forward to see you back again :)

  5. Leanne said:

    You’re baccccccck! Good luck with your exams! :)

  6. Jenn~ said:

    Heeeeeeeeey Leanne!! I’ve missed ya girly~ Can you believe I actually started blogging again?!! I can hardly believe it myself, lol. You are so lucky to have Springtime.. We are in the fall season & winter is just around the corner w/ cold, rainy weather, boooooo~ Well, I truly hope everything is going great for you! Take care :Dv

  7. Tara said:

    Yayyy! You’re alive! :D You’ve been missed! <3

    Good luck with your exams!

  8. Lorik said:

    GOOD LUCK LEANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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