The unknown can be mysterious & beautiful

Spent yesterday with my boyfriend, enjoying the icy air of Winter in Melbourne city. Saw Toy Story 3 which was pretty good. I was a bit bored at the start but it got better and the ending was very beautiful. Definitely an animation for adults/teenagers, ie. those who watched Toy Story 1 and 2. There were some very intense themes and scenes which made me very glad I had tissues. Also an appearance from Totoro! :3

Had lunch at The Pub at Crown and I ordered the Starter – duck springrolls, and was very surprised when I was presented with the large plate of springrolls, french fries & prawn crackers with hoisin sauce. However was very proud that I managed to eat everything except for 2 prawn crackers. :p

Saw this along South bank. This is for you soccer lovers & World Cup followers! :D

Fought our way through the wind to Fed Square. We were contemplating going to the Tim Burton exhibition, however we decided not to because we didn’t think we’d enjoy it since we had limited knowledge of his films. Got to take a photo of this critter hanging in the lobby though :) Anyone know who it is?

We got so sick of the wind we decided to escape into Caboose and have hot drinks. How cool are the cups?

We had dinner at Conservatory, which is a buffet in Crown. I was a bit hesitant having disliked a buffet in the same vicinity but this one was very nice. The place was packed – which surprised me, especially for a Tuesday night. I definitely ate my money’s worth, trying almost everything served :D

Oh yeah! Like my new shoes?! I have been wanting shoes like this for uni/work,  for some time. I was getting sick of wearing flats since they’re not ideal footwear when you’re running after patients all the time. I bought them on Monday and decided yesterday was a good occasion to break into them. So far so good, just a little bit of padding. Might consider buying more…

  1. emma said:

    looks like things are going well
    and yeah
    cool cups!! :D

  2. f said:

    Saw this along South bank. This is for you soccer lovers & World Cup followers! :D
    I wonder if that guy is still living in there? Haha.

    I love your shoes! I’ve been wanting a pair like it…

  3. Leanne said:

    I’m going to see toy Story 3 tomorrow! I’m so excited :D

    I saw that ball on the news, some people are so crazy, haha.

    Also love your shoes! Where did you get them? I’ve been looking for a nice tan/brown pair~

  4. Becca said:

    awesome shoes! are they comfy?

    and those are great coffee cup prints… i would collect them! it’s like you own great paintings.. in coffee cup form. love that wave off kanagawa print in any form <3

  5. Anna said:

    It’s so cute that you have a boyfriend now! I know it’s a while now, but congrats anyways! =) Oh and the dishes and food you order at restaurants always look so good! =) Do you eat out a lot? Tim Burton’s movies are very good. You two should watch them =)

  6. Cool! That looks a lot like Tim Burton’s early book “The Adventures of Stink Boy” about this dead kid that tries to help the police solve crimes but he’s really bad at it.

  7. Thao said:

    Ooohhh Toy Story 3 was definitely good. The ending was just too beautiful. And I am now forever scared of pink bears that smell like strawberries…

  8. Minna said:

    Aww, long time since I’ve seen an animated movie…at all! Good times :) And good you had tissues ;) Hehe :) We always wear those rounded shoes that physios recommend…I don’t but everyone else seems to. I don’t know how they feel like running in. Are those comfortable? They look nice, but also as your toes would be a little squeezed ;)

  9. hannah said:

    hey leanne!! im so sorry this is late~~ i haevn’t checked formspring in so long! but omg, of COURSE i remember you!!! i love your blog so much, and im so happy that you remembered ME! thank you for taking the time to see my blog and all my japan photos! haha that makes me so happy <3 <3

    im definitely gonna start following your blog again <3 i dont really blog much anymore, i just have a small personal blog on tumblr .. nothing special !

    anyways, talk to you soon! <3 xoxo

  10. Amanda said:

    Oooh those cups are amazing! I wonder how many designs they have in rotation? And the shoes look like a great buy – my mum just bought similar ones lately because she needed some new flat shoes that weren’t so… plain.

    In terms Toy Story 3 though, I don’t think I’ll watch it. At least, not unless someone twists my arm and makes me. I roughly know what its about and what the makers behind it had to say about it, because I read about it in TIME mag the other week – but i think i probably couldn’t sit through it for all the reasons why it’s good: the deeper themes, the tear-jerking, etc. And i can’t believe Totoro makes an appearance!! Okay… maybe that’s the ONE selling point…

  11. Clara said:

    Haha glad that you got your money’s worth at the buffet! I usually go nuts at buffets. Go to the toilet then come for more xD.

    Yeah, the designs of the cups are amazing! It’s better than the bland ones that are usually used. I wonder how many designs they have. Maybe they’re collectables?

    Haha, cute shoes btw! I always wanted a pair – will look heaps cute with skirts.

  12. Licorne said:

    Yes, I admit that I cried at Toy Story 3… specially when everyone held hands and just looked at each other and accepted what was supposed to be inevitable… And the end! -sniffs- I haven’t enjoyed a movie in such a long time~

    And YES, TOTORO!!! My friend and I were squealing and the people near us where thinking “what the heck are these girls doing?” XDD

  13. I loved Toy Story 3. 1 was good too, but 2 was meh. That food looks… interesting! I don’t like soccer, but the Tim B. pic and those cups are very cool. Love those shoes!

  14. Shiri said:

    The cups look very cool! And how amazing is that GIANT soccer ball :D Very nice! Though I’m not a big soccer/football fan.. :) I haven’t seen Toy Story 3 yet. I’ll probably get it on DVD.

  15. hannah said:

    hey leanne! i got my konnichipuu blog back — i’m going to add your link to my page :)

  16. Anna said:

    Leanne! I miss your posts! <3

  17. Leann said:

    Ah, I love it when the air start to feel like winter :) It’s so much better than the hot summer. I still haven’t seen Toy Story 3 but I’m glad that you enjoyed it! I shall have to get around to watching it sometime in the future

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