Things I Love

Haven’t done these for a while. I was going through an old exam paper but I just can’t be bothered. It’s so sad being a Med student.. there is no such thing has “holidays”. :( Anyway, this week has been hella crazy! Suddenly everyone is on mid-year break now so the adventures have just begun!

Brunch: This has become my favourite meal of the day. Even if it’s past lunch, if the cafe offers a breakfast menu I always go for it :P I’m going through a french toast and crispy bacon drizzled with maple syrup phase. Delicious! :P

Spending time with friends: It’s something I’ve missed since residing in Sale. I just love hanging out with each and everyone of them. I have the best friends in the world :D

Bar hopping: Melbourne has a vast number and variety of bars. Each with its own quirks and thrills. This week I’ve visited 3 bars! Paris Cat which is a jazz club/bar is a hidden cranny behind heavy steel doors. Inside it’s intimate and cosy. Walls plastered with posters and the ceiling is covered with portraits of Jazz legends. Afterwards we had drinks at Charlie’s Bar down the street. Loud venue, music depending on the crowd. The seats are arranged into little cubicles with curtains for privacy. There are 1920-1940 prints on the wall and empty bottles of Parisienne Absinthe on the shelves. Two nights ago I had dinner and beers with friends at Bar Hum Bug. Brick walled place with typographic prints on the walls. Waitress was lovely and I had the Chicken Fajitas which were rumoured to be tried. Chicken was beautifully seasoned, however I found the salsa and guacamole a bit tasteless. Friends liked the guacacole though.

Lylia’s 21st Birthday: I’m surprised friends are still turning 21 having been 21 for a while now. However I still enjoy the atmosphere of the occasion. :) Lylia’s birthday was a very warm and lovely family affair. I didn’t know many people  at the party however it was an easy environment to make acquaintances. We dined on home-made Vietnamese food, raised our pink coloured champagne filled glasses to the Bday girl and played Taboo. I also got to catch up with an old highschool friend, who is now an accountant :)

Other lovelies: Naruto Shippuuden; my new Tony Bianco wedges!; the look on my sister’s face when I bought her a GHD for her Bday; pink champagne; Glee; roses; flower chandeliers; Miu Miu bags; SATC2; friends knowing you too well; sound advice; cuddles; fresh feeling after a haircut (oh yeah! I forgot to mention I got my hair cut slash trimmed, haha); sleep-ins; having a friend who is a dent student (free teeth advice!); having a long conversation with the Dior SA about the World Cup – awesome guy!; lanterns; beer from the tap; my boyfriend; shopping with my little sister; impromptu outtings and midnight phonecalls.

  1. emma said:

    YOu always have the best food photos im so jealous! even though you are in school right now it seems like things are good well :D:D

    good to hear (read)

  2. Jen said:

    I love breakfast food items too. It makes me sad when certain restaurants stop serving breakfast at a certain time.

  3. Anna said:

    You have a boyfriend?? Why didn’t I know about it?? =P Maybe I’ve payed to little attention. That brunch meal looks so nice! Makes me hungry! I envy you for living in such a big city with endless of entertainment and food!

  4. Maggie said:

    Oooh I like the name of the third bar you wetn to, Bar Hum Bug. Got a nice ring to it!~ ^^

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