Sex and the City 2

I loved it!
Definitely better than the first one!
It was funny! It was sweet! The clothes were fantastic! The backdrop was unbelieveably amazing!

We were hoping to catch the 6:30pm screening but it was booked out! We then looked at the seating chart for 8:30 and there were no good seats left & we wanted to wait for our friend who wasn’t sure if he was going to make it. So then we chose the last time slot 9:30pm. We had dinner at ChinaBar and I had the chicken curry with roti bread. Delicious! But very messy, teehee~

We decided to go back to Tracey’s apartment until 9:30pm and grabbed Max Brenner hot chocolate with waffle balls on the way. Waffle balls at the bottom of my cup! So yummmm~

Spent the next day with my boyfriend. We had a very late lunch at a place which served breakfast til 4pm! I was tempted. For starters we had nachos. We didn’t think it would be such a large serving!!! ^^;; There was a huge dollap of guacamole, which was pretty good. I prefer my guacamole to have the textures of its ingredients.. this was very well processed.

I really wanted to pass out after the nachos. =__=;; But I still had my main – baked scallops in butter garlic sauce to go! Boyfriend had $4.50 pizza! The scallops were okay… nothing special, but also I was feeling extremely sick by that point. We lugged ourselves back to the car and sat there for 15 minutes digesting, wondering why siestas aren’t a common thing in Australia.

  1. Lorik said:

    I LOVE ROTI BREAD SO MUCH. I love bread way too much for my own good…but seriously..bread is the best! I read in an earlier post that you started drinking hot chocolate…that’s all I drink! well..if people order coffee, I get hot chocolate ^^

    YAY BOYFRIEND~ ^________________^

  2. f said:

    Never heard of waffle balls before, but they sound delicious! :9

  3. emma said:

    everything looks delish
    i still havent seen SATC2 yet!

  4. Minna said:

    Haha omg that was a mighty meal :D And I thought that was pistachio ice cream when I saw it! YUM guacamole :D So, you have a boyfriend now ey? ;) Congrats Leanne, hope you’re happy ;)

  5. Jen said:

    The guacamole looks like green tea ice cream. =P

    I like mine with the ingredients showing too, like onions, tomatoes and even some avocado chunks.

  6. thuy an said:

    i haven’t even watched the first sex & the city yet D: i need to get on that.

  7. Max Brenner I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES *lol

  8. Leanne said:

    SATC2 was good?! I’ve heard that it was bad but I’ll just wait to catch it on DVD like I did with the first one~

    I loooooveee roti! Ahh, so buttery. I don’t really like Indian food but with Malaysian it’s really nice! Also I never knew Max Brenner had waffle balls!! I gotta go try this~

  9. Leanne said:

    Forgot to mention that I noticed you editing the other day! Didn’t work out?

  10. Jenii said:

    Your food photos always make me drooooooool!

    I hate feeling sick after eating…like a betrayal by tasty food DX

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