Who knew I’ll jump on the clog?!

Went shopping today with little sis.  Didn’t buy anything but saw many potential things I liked but wasn’t sure about. I’m a horrible shopper. It’s hard enough to find clothes which fit me but on top of that I’m very picky. I start thinking “Do I really need it?” “Is it worth $180?” “It’s a copy of Chanel.. I feel bad for KL!” (even though he probably doesn’t care that one little asian girl can’t afford his stuff anyway ^^;;) and it goes on… In the end I usually don’t buy it and then forget about it or lose interest in it after a few months. But then I start complaining how I don’t have clothes.

One trend which has been bothering me is “the clog.” When this long loss childhood trend and Dutch icon started appearing on fashion blogs & trend websites I was horrified! I refused to buy into it. After all I’m still pretty annoyed how socks & sandals have become “in” when people used to be rediculed for doing it. My parents used to do it! I find fashion trends so fickle! I personally believe if it looks good on you and makes you feel good it doesn’t matter what people think.

Anyway back to the clogs. I think the closed-toes ones are hideous! (Sorry Chanel & Miu Miu!). Even Alexa Chung couldn’t convince me! But then today when I walked through Sportsgirl I came upon these:

When I tried these babies they looked really nice! I couldn’t take them off my feet! Having small & wide feet I always have a terrible time finding shoes. My feet never suit sandals with single straps across the foot, but this with its buckle allowed my feet to sit comfortably & look good! Size 6 (smallest size) was still a tad big for me.. but sister says I can try wearing special shoe pads to push my feet up towards the heel a bit. The thick straps; the “studs” which held the straps down; the “clop clop” of the wood on the ground, was perfect! As I admired my feet in the mirror, suddenly I was reminded of Tsunade-sama.. or Jiraiya-sensei from Naruto Shippuuden. HAHAH :D” My sis thought I was the weirdest person on the planet. Suddenly I could see myself fighting the Akatsuki wearing these bad boys. HAHAHA. Anyway.. they do cost a handful… and it’s Winter… so I’m contemplating.

Another shoe which has been on my mind:

I have been eyeing them and got to  try them the other day and was in love! Tad big again.. and boyfriend said they’ll only look nice if they fitted properly. Hmmm.. padding again??? Quite pricey though :(

Other rambles: Windsorsmith has made a replica of the ACNE boots. Not as nice though. One day.. I shall own a Miu Miu bag. Visited the store the other day and can’t stop thinking about a bag since. $1500 though… ;___;  Typo has very cute lanterns.. I wanna decorate my room with lanterns! :D

Sorry bit of a random post today!

  1. Maggie said:

    Ah, I love lanterns too! They’re so pretty~

    Haha, I have the same problem with clothes and shoes, I’m so small, it’s impossible to find clothes, and when I do, I sorta love it to death XD

    I’m also the same when it comes to clothes shopping, I’ll eye it and want it soo much but most of the time I’ll forget about it >_<

  2. Leanne said:

    Fashion postttttttt! :D

    I’ve been trying to resist the clog too, some styles are cute but most of them are not nice at all. I think I might regret it if I buy one but ahh, those Sportsgirl ones are too cute.

    Also, I like the 2nd shoe, they look a lot like the Acatomas! Wedges are my vice, they’re so comfy but definitely try some insoles.

    I’m going to fly down to Melbourne one day and we’ll shop up a storm!

  3. Amanda said:

    Oooh I never knew you were into your fashion ;)

    I must agree with the whole clogs thing though – and the fickleness of fashion. I live by the same motto, if it looks good on me, yes. If not, I will try my best to not kid myself! haha. I can’t wait until I go to Sydney in a little over a week – just because I’ve been hearing about these awesome Sportsgirl shoes (the wedges!) and I want a pair. I must say, when I first saw the pic of that Sportsgirl clog I was wondering which designer it was… maybe it’s the best-looking and affordable alternative?

    But my gosh, you have tiny feet!

  4. f said:

    Clogs are just awful. I can’t wrap my head around the “trend”.

    I really do like the second shoe, though! It looks like the kind of shoe that will ~elongate~ the leg (haha)

  5. emma said:

    the thing with clogs that i have had trouble with
    is that they aren’t good for long term wear
    they are WOOD
    and therefore very hard
    and there’s no padding whatsoever
    and it’s not really like walking on hardwood floor?
    ahh sorry
    but yeah i love the clog trend
    bc i love heavy shoes

  6. Tara said:

    Wow, er, nice? I don’t think I could wear those ever. I have the weakest ankles, and every time I wear heels that are like an inch or more high . . . 99% of the time my ankle like to twist and give me a hard time.

    But those are interesting clogs, though! ^^ Too bad I can’t really wear them.

  7. trasheee said:


  8. Lorik said:

    Leanne~ They are both really beautiful shoes~ The clogs are very elegant and cute~ My parents used to wear those old school closed toed clogs in medical school cause they are comfortable…and tried to force them on my sister and I hahahah NO WAY~

  9. Jenii said:

    I can’t handle clogs…I can feel the weight and how unwieldy they get on my feet…I feel unstable DX Those look quite adorable though :D

    I really like the lace-ups. I find shoes a little too big tend to be awesome for THICK LAYERED SOCKS or tights for cold weather :D

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