Finally… a break!

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged for a month! This past month has been both stressful and physically draining but also filled with lots of acts of kindness and surprises by friends and lovers!

I have been excited about this month-long mid year break for a long time. No clear plans but in my head its a mishmash of shopping, spending time with le bee eff & friends, medical elective perusing, relaxing and sleeping! I got up at 2 pm today.. and it’s a Monday! xD

Since I’ve only been awake for 3 hours and nothing spectacular has happened,  I’m going to do a “Month in Review”.

In between 4000 word assignments, delivering babies and 9-6pm days; I’ve become hooked on hot chocolate like my colleagues with coffee. After a long day my housemate and I went for a walk and then sat along the lake’s edge sipping hot chocolate and coffee from these awesome cups. I love clean crisp typography.

My beautiful friend Tracey visited me in Sale. She drove 3 hours to see me! ♥ We had dinner at Relish, which is my favourite place to eat so far in Sale. For entree, we had the prawn cocktail and the sauce was so delicious I also ate the lettuce because it had sauce on it too :p

The best spinach salad ever! Honey coated pumpkin, red onion, not too oily croutons, crispy bacon, pouched egg.. mmmm!

Tracey’s squid chips salad. The chips were delicious!

Any place with fried ice-cream gets my vote! To top it off, the owner of the restaurant also gave us a discount! :D I think it’s because I am Viet.. not many Viets in Sale :P

Went out to lunch yesterday with the boyfriend. I think I’m slowly getting use to the transition of close friend to boyfriend. I don’t feel as awkward as I use to. Don’t feel as awkward as admitting to the fact that we’re seeing each other. Long distance relationship has been a bit of a bummer, but he really spoilt me yesterday by taking me to Number 8.

Ravioli filled with blue crab. Yummo!

His dori dish. I dunno whether this is what fresh dori is meant to taste like or whether it’s seasoning was really good, but it almost tasted like red meat!

I also want to thank you guys for your suggestions of Medical electives. I’ve spent the afternoon looking at the University of British Columbia. Tomorrow I’ll be looking at other places. I’m slightly concerned with accomodation and getting around, considering my limited budget.. but we’ll see. If all else fails.. I’ll look closer to home.

  1. Maggie said:

    Ah, you have a boyf now! Congrats ^^

    Oooh those food look soo nice! XD and hot choc is the best! ♥

  2. emma said:

    did i mention that i go to UBC?
    im graduating in nov tho lol

  3. mich said:

    The food you post always looks delicious!And mm hot chocolate. Too bad its summer on this side of the world and too hot for hot chocolate. I miss my peppermint hot chocolates from starbucks <3

  4. Leslie said:

    Hot chocolate is delicious! I’d drink it over coffee anytime -w-

    It’s definitely time to chillax! I hope you enjoy your break and good luck with your plans. :)

  5. Leann said:

    I love hot chocolate! Have you ever had peppermint hot chocolate? It’s awesome too! Better chocolate than coffee anyway :) I hope that you have a great break and relax lots!

  6. fai said:

    your photos make me so hungry right now! spinach salad looks soooo good….yum :)

  7. Amanda said:

    Yay for the holidays! It means you’ll post more yummy excursions for me to gorge my eyes on :P And yesssss, i looove hot chocolate too – when i worked in a cafe that was all I would drink (or chocolate frappes), instead of actual coffee. A bit on the ironic side that hot chocolates usually costs more.

  8. emma said:

    hey leanne
    hope you are doing well
    ive changed my URL
    do you mind updating it? thanks a lot

  9. Jen said:

    o0oh le bee eff. Life must be grand right now! Sleeping in sounds so nice! You deserve it after such a busy month!

  10. Shiri said:

    Oh my that ravioli looks delicious! Hmm getting hooked up on hot chocolate. I’m trying to avoid getting hooked up on coffee but it is difficult in a working enviroment. Because, well, coffee seems to be everyone’s favorite past-time. And also Coca Cola. (Computer company :P)

  11. Leanne said:

    All the food looks so gooooood!

    Also, I’m really happy that you’re happy now… is that a weird thing to say? Haha. ♥

  12. Jenii said:

    WOOT! Congrats on the BF. Sounds like things are fabulous! Glad to hear/read such happy thoughts :D

    Glad you found some bits of time to unwind!

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