Finally got around to doing …

I have newsssssssssssssss!!!!


I have my licence! Finally :P Being sent to the country to do Med has forced me to get off my lazy butt and get around to doing my driving test and passing! :DD Getting a car is in the works; if things go to plan I will be a proud owner of a 2nd hand car by next week ^__^! This annoucement has had different responses from YAYAYA to laughter.. heheh ^^;; I haven’t received the actual licence card yet so I’m driving around with a receipt for my soon to be licence card.


Soft delicious melt in your mouth Takoyaki & California rolls

Went home over the weekend. Went to Izakaya Chuji with a special someone. Izakaya means Japanese bar or “drinking establishment.” They serve a variety of sakes and yummy tapas. It had a really awesome vibe. Hidden away, with only a measly sign to acknowledge its existence. Inside it was like a den with lanterns as the only source of light. Wooden tables and old second hand seats lined the walls and waiters walked around in really cool t-shirts which I wanted and realised later on that the business had caught onto that because the tees were on sale. :P

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera on me, so I only have crappy mobile phone photos. I keep forgetting my cam nowadays D:!

Suckao Dark chocolate and Hot chocolate with crunchy waffle balls 

I spent Saturday night with 3 of the most amazing people I know, who never fail to make me laugh. These lovelies shouted me Max Brenner chocolatey goodness :3 I’m so lucky, lucky lucky lucky!

Arrived home half an hour ago, from a long day of tutes and now I’m waiting for my dinner which is baking in the oven. :3

  1. f said:

    Congratulations! Driving and having your own car is a lot of fun, I can’t imagine not having a car nowadays… there’s just too many places to go!

  2. Anna said:

    Congratulations with your drivers license!! :D And “special someone”? Haha! I have never tried takoyaki actually, only sushi =O Maybe I should when I go to Japan.

  3. Leanne said:

    YAY! Congrats on your license :D Yum, everything looks great. And really, chocolate at night with good friends is so awesome. Something about that makes me so happy.

  4. Thao said:

    Congrats and good job! I still haven’t gotten my license yet since I bike everywhere. But it would be so nice to have a car when I go grocery shopping. Hahaha, I feel like my life outside of school revolves around food as I am constantly wondering what I should eat for dinner. And with a car, you can also drive out to eat. So convenient. Well, have fun!

  5. Leann said:

    Max Brenner! I have been there once and it was on a vacation to Australia. They have such amazing chocolate-associated things :) Congrats on gettig the drivers license! :D

  6. Minna said:


    I remember when I got my license like it was yesterday! And I was so proud (: Having a car is a lot of freedom these days!

    And your weekends always seem so free and fun, I don’t know how you do it! ( : Have fun cruising (;

  7. Jen said:

    Ah your license! Driving is like a whole new level of freedom! :D

  8. Congratulations on getting your license! :D AWESOME PROPS! I too didn’t get my P’s until I was forced to by my job! I’m such a slacker!

    AND I am very jealous of you numnums! Everything looks so tasty! At the moment, we have two Max Brenner stores in QLD and they’re both an hour away from my home.


  9. winn said:

    congrats congrats! is it your full license?
    I’m sure you won’t do silly things like driving with the handbrake on for 20 minutes without realizing (LOL GUESS WHO DID~) ;D

  10. Jenii said:

    Totally late but congrats on your license!!

    Gorgeous noms :D [[salivating]]

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