I hate pink & forgetting my digicam

Easter break whizzed by! :( Why can’t we get 10 days like the rest of the Uni?! Unfortunately my Easter plans collapsed after I had a mini-breakdown on Saturday night. Suddenly my thoughts were racing “Is Med really for me if I constantly have these breakdowns? Am I willing to constantly feel inadequate & stressed?” But I feel a bit better now. After a long phone call to a friend I realised I had given up on a lot of things since I moved to Sale, such as Things I Love Thursday, sketching, watching Naruto and going out with friends. Most of this due to increase workload, tiredness and living 300km from Melbourne. So I’ve decided to go back and try to do those things I enjoy! :)

Generally, the Easter weekend was okay. I watched a downloaded version of UP! and cried. Best animation ever! I had dinner with a friend at a place voted as the “best healthy fish & chips” and one of the “best cheap eats”, which was pretty nice. Chips were the best!

Had dinner with family and grandparents at a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. Food was delicious! Owner spoilt us rotten by serving up dishes we didn’t ask for and charging us less, because my aunty was a nurse who looked after him when he had a heart attack and apparently she really took care of him and he’s been very appreciative since. Too appreciative.. with the amount of food he kept sending out! :P I love Crispy beef!

Of course, if there’s fried ice-cream on the menu, I always order it! :3

My outfit today

Went shopping with little sis. We only had 2 hours and I impulsively bought a pair of jeans and a pink top. Pink?!!! I hate pink! Guess it isn’t too bad, since it is light.. I liked the asymmetrical design.. also buying it with the pair of jeans got me 10% off ^^;; (I shall show the jeans another time, they are pretty cool!)

As for chocolate, received a chocolate Easter bunny and a few chocolate eggs from friends and work colleagues. Speaking of chocolate, I know this is long overdue, but received a surprise package from Thao at my Sale house few weeks ago! Absolutely made my day :) Thank-you! ♥

  1. Jenii said:

    WAAAAAAAAAOH! Lovely feast :D Long time no read dolly dear! I’m sure you will decide what’s best for you. You’ll know it :D

    I too am not a fan of pink but the top still looks awesome. Loving the asymmetry! Cute sandals tooo!

    Don’t forget to relax!!

  2. emma said:

    cute outfit and that’s a great shirt, and yeah i bought some pink items as of late..believe it or not~~

    :D and food is always a good comfort

  3. Anna said:

    Oh all that food makes me hungry!

    But Leanne! Hang in there! I know you can do it. When things get hard and stressful I tend to think like that too, a lot! I think you’re super at with what you’re doing! I know it =)

    And that asymmetric top is so neat!!! I like your outfit <3

  4. Leslie said:

    Oh my goodness, all that food looks so yummy! Fried ice cream is good ♥ And your asymmetric top is pretty neato!

    Hang in there! I’m glad you’re back to doing activities that you enjoy. :)

  5. Looks amaaaaazing!

    You look adorable! Pink is nice on you

  6. Thao said:

    Yumm…fried ice cream! I have yet to try that, but it could only be amazing!

  7. thuy an said:

    love the pink top! it looks adorable on you.

    fried ice cream? i think maybe i should get out more because i’ve never heard of that. seems interesting to try

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