Living the country life

I spent the day with a Gynaecologist who was very passionate about the Gippsland area. He encouraged me to take advantage of my placement here in Sale and see the area. He was so enthusiastic I decided I should take on some of his suggestions, also I was worried about his reaction if I saw him again and hadn’t done anything. ^^; Ironic, since my Gynae knowledge is pretty subpar.

Anyway, I told the other Med students about this and we decided to spend this weekend ticking off some of the doctor’s list. Friday night we went to Tinamba pub in a tiny town called Tinamba. All the meals were $15 and I got the pork & beef burger served with fries, which was very yummy.

Saturday was a quiet day. I couldn’t get motivated to study, so I spent most of the day doing nothing. Watched Young Victoria, which was a lovely movie. I was a bit skeptical when my housemate recommended it to me, but by the end I was sobbing my eyes out. Ahh Rupert Friend, you have stolen my heart as Prince Albert.

Today we went on a Winery tour! (Well sort of). The wineries in the Gippsland area were having an Open Day, so we decided to check them out, even though we weren’t avid wine drinkers, we were there for the food & countryside :) I’m not good with wine, it hits me very quickly (compared with spirits). Had sips here and there, but none really took my fancy. There were 12 wineries and we only managed to visit 2. Hehe :P

Dropped by Briagolong, which was a very quaint town with only one road. We had lunch at a cute cafe which served delicious sour dough. I had Bruschetta and they definitely didn’t hold back on the tomato, haha~ Afterwards we explored the street/town :P Perused a cute second hand book shop and found this!

For $3, it was too cute!

We drove down to Blue Pool which is a swimming hole in Briagolong. Unfortunately the weather became wet so we couldn’t go swimming. Next time!

I have a 5 day “break” for Easter. Yay! I’m so looking forward to going back home to Melbourne! Just 4 more days! :D

  1. Maggie said:

    Ah, that doremon book is cute! I so would have gotten that too! XD

    Sounds like you did some fun sightseeing around your home for the year… I wish I had time to do that sort of thing…

    Hope you have an awesome time back home with family and friends! And happy early easter~ ^^

  2. f said:

    You’re always posting such delicious pictures of food! Haha.

    I hope you have fun in Melbourne! :D

  3. emma said:

    i am loving your life right now
    even though med may seem difficult, it looks like you’re having the time of your life

    the food looks delish! :D :D cant wait for more entries

  4. Lorik said:

    I agree with Emma!! Enjoy yourself in Sale!!~~ ^_______^

    YAY FOR EASTER BREAK~ I have a day off and I am soo happy!

  5. winn said:

    I’ve got that volume in chinese! lololol
    looks like you’re staying in a lovely place, TAKE MORE PICTURESSS!

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