St Patty’s Day


We’ve become somewhat regulars at Jack’s, which is the local Irish Pub here.. so when it came to St Pat’s and all day Irish specials we could not refuse!

Looking like a lil’ leprechaun in a Guiness hat! (I had no green so Sandy gave me a green purse to pose with, hehe)

We sipped green beer (yes green beer!), Guiness and munched on curly fries.

It’s been hard to update since I arrive home from the GP or hospital exhausted and all I want to do is eat then sleep. -__-;; This week has been a jam packed social calendar! We’ve had BBQs, dined with the interns and met the Mayor over cocktails!  

I hope everyone has been well! :)

  1. Minna said:

    I want to celebrate St Patricks too! Seems like so much fun, the Irish are so lovely! ( : And yeah you DO look a little like a leprechain…tsss ( :

  2. emma said:

    yeahhh the irish bar near the concert i went to had green beer too and it was madnesss!

    the line stretched far down the road and the act we were seeing were saying how people weren’t showing up the show even!

    we had pale ale, but there were green coronas going around

  3. thuy an said:

    how cute !
    and i’ve never seen green beer..
    lol it sounds interesting :p

  4. Jen said:

    Cute St Patty’s picture! I wish I celebrated this year, (sadly I was sick) because green beer seemed to be all the rage, and I have yet to see it and taste it!

  5. Anna said:

    I’m glad you had fun!! I really miss your entries, but of course I understand how busy you must be! :D You’re a medstudent afterall! But I!m looking forward to your next entry!

  6. Thao said:

    Green beer! Haha, that’s the best.

  7. Leanne said:

    Oops, a little late but HAppy St Particks Day! You know what? I’ve never even tried beer in my life! I think next St Patty’s Day I’ll try the green one :D

  8. Amanda said:

    Woah, green beer?! what’s that taste like? It looks like you had a blast, although I’m missing your more regular updates! I hope all stays well :)

  9. Ine said:

    Happy (belated) St. Paddy’s Day! I celebrated it too – we had Guinness & Baileys, and watched Boondock Saints. Awesome!

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