Title of this post has nothing to do with the content; it’s just I’ve had this song on replay since I saw the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. K.d Lang, you are magical!

Anyhoots, these past 2 weeks have been busy! I thought I would have heaps of time since I’m living in the country now, but looking after myself takes most of the time. We have a whole heap of hurdles and assessments to achieve by the end of the year including: delivering 4 babies, assisting a Caesarean, few vaginal exams, neonatal exams.. those are the ones which stand out to me. I spend at most 3 days a week at the GP and once a week either on the Paeds, Gynae/Obs or Psych. Mondays and Fridays are tutes and lectures. Once a week we are on call, so if we receive a call we drop everything and race to the hospital and help with the birth. During my first on call, I spent 14 hours at the hospital! =__=;; Baby never came… stupid cervix wouldn’t dilate! (Also midwives weren’t very nice and didn’t call when the baby actually came out, even though I spent all that time with the mother and father.)

Everyone here has been so lovely. The benefit of not being in the city is that everyone gets to know you. My 4th year co-ordinator is awesomely cool- being a mother figure but best friend as well. She taught us how to make Skittle bombs- (pack of skittles + vodka). :p Everything in the house has been nice and laid-back. The boys walk around topless most of the time and we like to engage in boardgames at night. Haha~ We’re organising a BBQ this Thursday and have invited all the Med students in the region. :D

I went home over the weekend for the traditional Chinese/Vietnamese New Year family feast.

Mum fills the house with lots of colour for the New Year.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me!♥ Yesh, I was really looking forward to these. A little gift for myself :D Haven’t taken food snaps in ages so this provided me with minutes of fun and sweetness after. Hehe~ 

Happy Lunar New Year!

  1. Maggie said:

    Aw wow those flowers and cupcakes look amazingly colourful and so awesome! ^^

    Also, great to hear you’re settling in well, having fun and making friends =D and Happy New Year to you! :)

  2. Hazel said:

    The air in the country must be much cleaner too! Your co-ordinator sounds supah cool :D

    What are those round things on top of the cupcake? chocolate?

  3. Thao said:

    “The boys walk around topless most of the time” Hahaha that might be a bit distracting. XD

    Happy new years and valentine’s day!

  4. Minna said:

    Oh I would LOVE to do my internship at the women’s clinic! I wanted to be a midwife before :D not a nurse though, which is a requirement, unfortunately…

    And yeah that was really rude of those midwives…you should see the result of all that hard work! :(

  5. jeniffer said:

    All looks yummy especially, small cupcake! I envy you, you had a blast valentines day!. :) Wow! I’m so happy for you, working in the hospital. Really it’s hard to become an intern, but a way cooler..

  6. emma said:

    happy vday too! the cupcakes are precious!

  7. f said:

    omg :( those cupcakes look so cute/delicious!

  8. Leann said:

    Happy Chinese New Year :) Those cupcakes look awesome! It makes me want to run to my kitchen and start baking :)Sounds like you have been busy, but a good interesting busy!!

  9. Becca said:

    those cupcakes are too cute to be NOM-ed. and KD was amaaaaazing!

  10. Anna said:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying and adapting to your “new life” =]

    4 baby deliveries!? Wow! I can’t believe how crazy it is to be a doctor! Haha, but you’re going to become such a good doctor! I know it. Good luck!

    I love the photos! They’re always so warm and nice!

  11. thuy an said:

    oh my goodness those cupcakes..

  12. Jen said:

    Is that like clinicals? I think that’s great practice for nurses, especially the on-call practice/assessment.

    Those Valentine’s cupcakes are so cute, but I wouldn’t want to eat them…because of that reason.

  13. Jenny said:

    oh those cupcakes are so cuuuuuuute :D

  14. Gel said:

    THE CUPCAKES LOOK SO YUMMY! I want them! Something I wouldn’t want to eat coz they’re just TOO adorable! Haha. Sounds like you’ve been on your toes with the work you have to do alright. Good luck with that :) I can’t imagine having to attend to people like that!

  15. Amanda said:

    Happy new year! :)

    Those valentines cupcakes look amazing. Delicious to both eyes and mouth, i bet! I can’t believe the midwives didn’t call you when the baby finally came though … that’s rather uncaring of them. Considering 14 hours is a LONG time. What area of Med are you majoring in? Cos all these assessments all seem to come under the same roof :)

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