Last days

The last few days and nights have been filled with rushing around the city looking for bits and bobs for my place in Sale and long phone calls and catch up sessions with my dearests. Oh yeah, I also got my hair trimmed and re-styled. It’s more short all around except for the fringe. I love it! It’s more “cute” than “edgy” compared to my last hair cut. The hair stylist was also the sweetest lady ever and made the whole experience enjoyable. I feel like a new lady! Haha.

Decided to experiment with food colouring; creates a nice surprise when you bite into the cupcake.

Kelly brought over homemade frozen yoghurt which was delicious!

Thursday nights are better when you have four amazing individuals sitting in your livingroom. Add wine, mini sandwiches, pink cupcakes, frogurt and Monopoly to the equation and you have a rather pleasant & interesting evening.

When my Uni friends left Friday morning I felt really sad, realising I wouldn’t see them as often or randomly turning up to their places like I use to.

But then my spirit lifted when my highschool friends turned up at my doorstep to take me to lunch. I thought we were going to have lunch in the city but the boys surprised me with a change of plans. We were going to pick up Steph and go to Chadstone. I’ve been wanting to see the new and improved Chadstone so this was a nice change in plans.

Michael bought me eight rolls of Lomographic film as a farewell gift :D

We had a late lunch at the local TAB in Springvale which Steph recommended. Dishes were huge so we shared three amongst the five of us.

Little sister received her make up order in the mail which included the NARS Orgasm and Deep throat blushes. I am suppose to choose which one I want but I can’t make up my mind!

♥ ♥ ♥

This Summer break has been amazing! I loved every day, hour, minute of it! I didn’t travel overseas but had so much fun here. 2010 has started off so well and I’m just looking forward to everyday.

Tomorrow I’m officially moving to Sale to start fourth year. I have glum moments when I realise how much I’m going to miss everyone, but overall I’m giddy with excitement for the new experiences waiting for me.

I have no clue about the internet status of the house, so for now, have a marvellous week everyone!

  1. Lorik said:

    man…that chocolate/strawberry/yougurt stuff looks amazing.
    Good luck with your move Leanne~ You are gonna have a wonderful time I am sure!! Stay strong and happy! You will be back in no time~

  2. Becca said:

    I can’t get over the fact that there’s a blush called “deep throat”

    *flinches* x(

  3. emma said:

    GREAT poloroid pix!!!!
    love love love!

  4. Thao said:

    I’m actually really excited for you because even though you’ll be moving far away from your friends and family, it’s still a big adventure ahead for you. It might be a rural town, but I’m sure that you’ll find something to love there. It’s always exciting to move to someplace new. Have fun and take care.

  5. f said:

    I really like the lighter pink blush! It would suit you :)

  6. Jen said:

    I’m not too familiar with NARS makeup, but Orgasm and Deep throat? Awesome name choices. =P

    I just got my hair cut too, not as short as yours, but short nonetheless. I love how haircuts and new styling makes you feel like a brand new you.

  7. mishi said:

    Gah, your days sound so exciting..

    NARS! I’d say go with the lighter pink one

    And wow at all those plates of fooood… YUM =9

  8. Leslie said:

    It’s always exciting to move to some place new; new experiences, more adventures, and a fresh start! I wish you luck. :)

    P.S. The frozen yogurt looks soooo gooooooood. *_*

  9. Amy said:

    Omg that frozen yogurt looks SO good. Want!

    Orgasm is one of my FAV blushes. Love it!

    I’m glad your summer break has been a good one, and good luck on moving!

  10. jeniffer said:

    Every time I visit your site, I couldn’t help to get hungry with your the food photos you shared. The cupcake was awesome!! + the frozen yoghurt. I think you really had huge friends to lean on, I miss school.. :) The light blush on seems good on you.. just my suggestion..

  11. Ellina said:

    Aww, hope you’ll be updating with the new updates soon ^^

    It’s always so nice to get to hang out with friends before leaving town. The food looks amazing too.

    I hope your new journey will bring plenty of good things as well. Take care and hope to hear soon!

  12. jessica said:

    Lol Fro-yo~~~ I love it :O

    I’m not really familiar with make-up, but I think Orgasm is the popular NARS color, but I prefer the lighter pink one (I’m not sure which one is which o.o)

    Wow your new apt looks so pretty. It’s a shame your roommie took the better bedroom… I would have waited and then played a game to see who got which room (more fair). But you can add like flower/pretty scene see-through details to the window so it’s a better view… And your apt looks sooooo spacious :O Are apts usually that big? The ones in NYC are sooo cramped :(

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