Australia Day

I spent the day getting to know my “home”, residence… dwelling for the next 9 months or so. It’s huge! One of my room mate arrived early and managed to shot gun the master bedroom, which has a walk in wardrobe and an en suite with two showers & a spa! I’m not too fussed though. My bedroom is rather dark because it looks out at the neighbour’s fence. I really wanted the other bedroom which had a bright summery view of the backyard BUT there’s this annoying pump right under the window which will keep anyone awake or sustain a migraine everytime the toilet is flushed. -_-;;

It’s hard to believe I’ll be moving out away from the colourful, busy, contradictory city of Melbourne to a small rural town, which has one of everything, 6pm closing time and cows in the backyard. It really hit me today that I was moving away. I’ve remained rather tight lip about the matter. Biting my lip everytime someone brings up the subject and holding my breathe everytime I start to think of how far from everyone I’ll be.

Kitchen & dining area

I’ll be a forth year Med student in Sale this year. I’ll be doing everything (studying, attending tutes, practising, seeing patients, living) in this rural town, three hours away from Melbourne. Everyone says it’s the hardest year and the final grade is an amalgamation of the academic achievements of the previous four years of med school. After that, fifth year is just about getting the final boxes ticked. I’m a cocktail of uncertainty and excitement.

My sanctuary, yet to be personalised.

I’m looking forward to being more independent and tasting the life of moving out.  Most importantly, I’m excited to see the person I become at the end of this year. I know it’ll be hard; I know I’ll crack, I know I’ll doubt, I know I’ll breakdown and scream – and that’s what unsettles me because I won’t have those who I confide in close by. Sometimes I’m very stubborn and I refuse to cry out and let my thoughts fester into a ball of self destruction, and if it’s not support, it’s relief I sought from them. They say they’ll visit but in reality I know it’ll be rare. The journey will be tough.

But I know after all that, I will get throught it. I always have.

A new chapter…

I’m looking forward to meeting you Leanne 5th November 2010!

  1. Lorik said:

    I am happy for your Leanne~ This year is gonna be great for you…you will grow into a super strong Leanne! And please remember we will always be here for you when you need support!!

    the place looks nice~

  2. Minna said:

    YAY! A new era! Oh how lovely to move from the big city to such a small place – it must be a whole adventure of it’s own! I’d like to do something similar, I’ve always pictured me living in some Sami or Northern village where time has stood still for a year or so, just to get the experience ( : I think you’ll learn more there than in the stress of Melbourne really ( : And good luck on yout 4th year – I’m entering my 2nd now! Wee!

  3. Thao said:

    On the bright side, being in the small rural town will force you to sit down and study. You’ll be fine. Once you get settled in and start meeting people in Sale, it’ll be fine.

  4. bianca said:

    good luck to yoooou! I’m not sure if I could move away from the city, i suppose this will force you to study right..haha

  5. Anna said:

    Oh! The apartment looks so great Leanne! I’m glad for you :)

  6. emma said:

    GREAT kitchen
    seriously amazing
    btw nov5th is my birthday
    what’s happenin then?!?!

    • Leanne said:

      @emma: November 5th is when uni finishes! :D

  7. Leanne said:

    Wow, it looks so exciting starting something new. I’m so happy for you! Email me your address there. I’ll send everything I want to send you once you get settled there! ♥

  8. Vanessa said:

    Oh wow, how exciting for you! Good luck for the new year!

    You make me wish I can finish my course earlier!!!

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