No plans

Sometimes it’s good to have no definite plans. Sometimes it’s much better to go with the flow because surprising things can happen like:

Being whisked away by one of my favourite people at 11 o’clock at night.

Driving by and waking up another favourite person from his slumber.

Eating pies with faces at 1 in the morning.

Meeting a British girl with a paper bag over her head.

Dumplings at 2 in the morning.

Laughing at Youtube videos.

Snuggling with Donkey*.

Going through European memories**.

Prancing around in Italian made booties, which are too big.

Going to bed at sunrise***.

*My friend’s soft squishy toy.
**My friend’s photos have rekindled my desire to go to France.
***It’s beautiful. The last thing you see before you close your eyes is the start of a new day.

One more week of holidays left and I’m feeling the tug on my heartstrings as I don’t want to say good-bye to Summer.  I’m caught wanting to see many faces as I can and solitude. Ah Leanne stop feeding yourself violins! I read somewhere that when you’re feeling worked up, press on the pressure point below your collar bone and breathe.

  1. Thao said:

    1 week left, but you certainly accomplished a lot over your summer break!

  2. thuy an said:

    so many fun memories!
    dumplings at 2 in the morning?
    + pies with faces at 1? win :)

  3. Helene said:

    Well that would be so much easier if we started a school year by the beginning of a new year too.. (though I the summer vacation is too long so we end up forgetting everything. haha). But what I meant is that like my little sister thinks a new year starts at the beginning of a school year and that’s wrong. lol. One of my friends actually wants that to happen too because that’s what it feels like to her xD

    Cute pies xD
    It’s so sad saying goodbye to summer.. Mine was 6 months ago but I still miss it ^.^ Hehe

  4. Leanne said:

    Pie Face yum! Spontaneous anything is really the best kind of fun especially if everything just seems to align to make it perfect. Enjoy the last of your holidays!

  5. Jeniffer said:

    So after summer in australia what’s next? Is it autumn?.. Or winter?.. Yeah! Sometimes the unexpected event and unplan really happened,unlike those planned.. Oh? Meeting a british girl with a paperbag in her head?Hows that.. Lol. Love the c0okies!

  6. Daisy said:

    pies and dumplings are making me reallllyy hungry
    it seems like your summer was so much fun & so productive. im sure you’ll make the last week as memorable as possible =3

  7. Amanda said:

    Where’s that pressure point? I need it!

    And it really sounds like you guys had a really good, spontaneous evening/early morning. I love those :)

  8. jessica said:

    o.o Meeting the British girl with the paperbag really jumped out from that list of things. I would say everything else is normal but that one event haha

    I got off winter break like 1 month ago and I’m waiting for my spring break. Enjoy your summer :)

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