Sweet friend of mine

Spent today with my longest time best friend :) Haha~ We spent most of the day at Williamstown beach enjoying the sun and catching up on her Thailand and my roadtrip adventures.  We saw the most gorgeous dog! The owner told us it was a Japanese Spitz – I googled it when I got home… my future dog?!

She bought me a souvenir from Thailand!

Also got a chance to use the Polaroid camera Anthony bought for my 20th Birthday. The film expired last year but thank goodness the photos turned out okay. Yeah it’s taken me over a year because I’ve been too scared to take it out … it’s precious! ^^;;

Since we couldn’t be bothered finding this famous crepe place in Williamstown, we opted for the Fondue for two at San Churro. I’ve only had fondue at Max Brenners, but this one has a better selection of tapas, which of course makes it a tad more pricey.

Strawberries, bananas, brownies, pretzels, marshmellows, caramelised popcorn & churros!

I’ve discovered pretzels dipped in chocolate ishhh gooooood!

Valentine’s Day decorations are already up! The retail world makes time go too fast. Cute decorations though.

I’ve been getting questions about Sale from my last post so I guess I’ll clarify it a bit. I’m sure I’ll write more once the moving date looms closer. The Med faculty at Monash Uni decided to surprise me by sending me to do 4th year in a rural town, despite the fact that I didn’t apply for a rural placement. Soooo… I’ll be spending the year in Sale, which is a town 3 hours from Melbourne. I’ll try and come home once a fortnight but I’ve been warned by older years that this year is going to be very busy.

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the end of my holidays as much as I can! Tomorrow I’m seeing someone who just came back from her whirl-wind tour of Europe! (& maybe some other lovelies because everyone seems to be clubbing in the city tomorrow :D)

  1. jeniffer said:

    D5LR is similar to D5LR? I love how you shot those pic.. no need for photoshop. I love the elephant souvenir that your BF gave to you. :) And tomorrow is a great day for you since you will see someone coming from a trip ^.^

  2. mishi said:

    Dawww elephant souvenir! I want to go to Thailand so badly D:

    And, indeed, enjoy your holidays ^^

  3. Shiri said:

    Yum again, photos of delicious foods! Oh and the souvenir is so cute!

  4. Elle said:

    I have been drooooling over your food pics. I think I’m gonna go get some food now. =)

  5. Minna said:

    Cool! I know you all do the OSCE too, and it’s supposed to be the way to said, but we had to do it at the school so we had to act as patients… We didn’t have any real ones standby hehe!

    Argh I’m jealous of your food pictures now I’m SO hungry! And a polaroid camera….gah! Lucky ducky!

  6. Mich said:

    I love your polaroid picture. I have been meaning to invest in one for a long time now. Is it a brand new one or did you buy a used one?

  7. Hazel said:

    I love Spitz-type dogs too! They’re just too cute~ Their curly tails are the best- haha
    I’ve never tried fondue before.. what have I done with my life, right?! ;___;

    And oh dang, Valentine’s Day already? ugh.. bad memoriesss from last year D:

  8. emma said:

    damn you always have the best food pics!!!!!

  9. sheidz said:

    Such a sweet bestfriend you got there :) That souvenir sure looks pretty! The food BTW made me hungry..

  10. Maikue said:

    yeah..i wish was able to spend some quality time with a close and long time friend of mine as well!! we keep telling each other we need to visit each other however, she’s married with children and lives 2 or so hours away.. and because our schedule is so different, we haven’t made any dates to meet!!

    as for polaroid film, it sucks that they aren’t been produced anymore..but luckily, they’re still useable.. i assume. My sister has an instant camera too.. but it shoots the instax fuji film.. and the only place that’s still producing it is japan so we’d have to order it from ebay..

    *response to your comment on my blog*

    actually my brother bought me the bike for christmas… and he found it off of craigslist for maybe 60-80? pretty decent for a vintage bike that’s in mint condition!!

    thanks for the comment on the phone!! i’m not much of a big blinging person either. I prefer more delicate jewelry if any.

  11. Daisy said:

    mmmm fondue! ive actually never really had it before but i want it so badly, haha
    the photo with your friend looks so sweet!

  12. bianca said:

    ah, i love polaroids! I can’t believe its almost valentines too! Your summer memories look sooo fantastical

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