Foodie day

Ahhh spending the day in the sun always makes me feel sleepy, which is good because I didn’t sleep a peek last night!  I had a bit of a “food day” with one of my best guy pals today. He’s the best companion when it comes to trying new places and he’s also a bundle of joy to hang with.

We had brunch at Amsterdam Street cafe in Richmond, which I suggested after hearing about it and as a bonus it stocks Sugadeaux cupcakes! :D Unfortunately I didn’t buy a cupcake because I wasn’t fond of today’s flavour but our brunch was delicious! We went vego! I drank freshly squeezed OJ and ordered the Zucchini & cauliflower fritters with greek salad and tzatziki, which was very refreshing and I felt really healthy afterwards, haha :). My friend had the Tofu burger with pumpkin and capsicum. I had a taste and it was really good! There was peanut sauce and a hint of sweet chilli in it.

Afterwards we walked around to see if there were any places to discover or take note of in the area. I felt like something sweet but wanted to avoid the franchising dessert places so we searched (even with help of google) and failed, like always. They are either hard to find or are out of the way. Other times my friends and I always end up at the same franchises: Max Brenner, Kokoblack, San Churros, Pancake Parlour… :P What does a girl need to do to cure her sweet tooth around here?! Next time!! I shall find the ultimate dessert place in Melbourne!

We then headed off to Docklands and enjoyed the sea air. When I was young I didn’t understand why rich people liked boats but as I’ve grown up with a love affair for the water I want a boat too! :D It was approaching dinnertime so we decided to dine on the harbour. Livebait looked the most appealing with a Japanese infused seafood menu.

We shared Oysters in togarashi tempura & wasabi sticky soy, which were very nice.

I’m a weary oyster eater, who only likes her oysters smoothered with XO sauce, but these oysters were good!

I ordered the Japanese style tempura fish fillets served with togarashi spiced potato, seaweed salad and soy & sesame sauce. I was a tad disappointed because my potatoes ended up being potato cakes with togarashi, which was very similar to the tempura fish fillets. It would have been better if it were plain baked potatoes or fries, which would add a different taste and texture to the dish.

Other than that, everything on the plate went well together.

First time trying caviar… didn’t really like it. The popping sensation in the mouth was rather off-putting. Friend told me I wasn’t meant to spoon the whole pile into my mouth, LOL.

My friend had Yellow fin tuna with a warm nicoise salad & pimenton emulsion. I had a taste and the tuna was lovely.

I’ve been trying to spend as much time with the people I care about, since I’ll be moving to Sale next week for Uni :(

  1. Helene said:

    omg that must be even harder to get back xD So you start a new year at school when we start a new year like 2010? we start a new school year in August after our summer.. It’s so weird to think about, that you have your summer now and we have winter!

    Thanks!! :D

  2. Leanne said:

    Oh, the food looks soooo good! I’m really enjoying eating healthy at the moment because it never makes me feel sick afterwards and it’s so light!

    Is uni starting again so soon? :( Will you be in Sale for the whole year or is it only during the school week and then back home on weekends?

  3. Amanda said:

    As usual, your food looks amazing. And how far away is Sale? That would be a pain to move away from people to study! :(

  4. Katy said:

    Damn the food looks soo good.. you got me craving for some Japanese food (the oysters and the caviar hahaha).

  5. Nancy said:

    Every picture you just posted, made me hungry ;P. It all looks so delicious! I can imagine myself eating them. Sorry about my appetite ;). What a coincidence! I`m watching drumline right now :P. I never got to finish that movie before :(. I`ll finish it now, just for fun. :D! What is cool is that the drumline at my school plays one of the songs from the movie. But it`s a custom version of d&k. I love it to the point where I can semi-play it on the quads/snare. :O Thank you :D!

  6. Mich said:

    mm those foods looked delicious. Ive been craving good food since I’m still at school right now away from home.

  7. f said:

    Oysters, dsyfgsydfguysdafgydgasfyusgfd

    … sidfuhiudshsdfhuhdsafuhsdfasuifdhudshf

    You’re a trooper!! I don’t know if I could stomach eating oysters! Stuff like octopus, sure, but oysters? LAWD HAMERCY

    But seriously, any time I stop by here I always see such great food! You have really good taste, haha!

  8. emma said:

    somuch food p0rn!
    and it’s late at night here too
    booo :P

  9. Daisy said:

    the fritters & oyster tempura looks so yummmmm *O*
    i dont really like caviar either, unless they’re cooked, fried caviar tastes pretty good =p

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