Alex’s Roadtrip/21st Birthday bash

The trip slash Alex’s 21st Birthday bash was amazing! I arrived home feeling feeling happily exhausted!

We all signed Alex’s new Air Jordan Ones to add to his growing sneaker collection

I didn’t take any photos because I was too caught up in the fun and wanted to be present in every moment instead of experiencing it behind a camera lens. So these photos are from Alex’s cam/FB :P

Only one shelf for food.. the rest was filled with drinks ^^;;

The four days were filled with lazing on the balcony, cigarettes resting carelessly in fingertips (I don’t smoke) and remnants of last night’s tipsy fun sprawled out on the table and floor. Tanning on the shore while the boys played cricket, screaming “sexy” to tanked-up strangers, splashing in the sea which had no deep end despite being more than 200m from the shore (the water never lingered passed our hips), collecting pipis and sea snails for Kelly’s dinner, hehe, jumping into the water first despite the cool change and others following in, then jumping into the sauna after with Owl City blazing through the speakers.

Laughter and music dominated the night and tobacco and weed lingered in the air. Four kings, beer pong, roulette and beer bongs ruled the night’s activities and Shots by LMFAO ft Lil’ John became our anthem. The first night, five of us strolled and laughed to the beach. We attempted to make a bonfire and joked about singing Kum Ba Yah. That night I was forced to sit in the sauna in my trackiedacks because the four guys in it felt t’was too sausage festy and needed a girl. Haha~

The 12th of January was the special day, Alex’s Birthday. Drinks were pouring. His little brother Aristotle (but we call him Aris, cool name!) cooked delicious risotto for the 15-20 people in the house. Later on, he became like our mother always curing our hunger :) All adorned in our highschool uniforms because the Birthday boy shared a lot of his happy memories during those times. We did too. That’s where we all met. Tiet secretly organised a stripper and we all chipped in and the stupid things we did to distract Alex while she got ready and Alex’s face when Fifi Fox walked in was priceless. Fruit and veg show?! Trust the boys to choose something exotic and fetish-like. T’was a hilarious show and everyone got involved. Me included! Whip cream and strawberries is all I’ll say. :P

Every night topped the previous and the last night was the best. A new drinking game was created which combined beer pong, roulette and beer bongs – which was the ultimate drinking game ever! Afterwards we all grabbed forks and devoured the ice-cream cake and sat on the balcony talking about everything . The stoners decided to sit in the sauna and smoke pot. Watching them zone out is quite hilarious. The boys hid in the sauna and scared the shizzles out of me.  As the clock passed midnight we adorned our highschool uniforms again and gathered around the couch and did individual speeches. Each person shared a memory with Alex. Alex surprised us by doing a little speech for each of us too. I was pleasantly surprised with mine. “Leanne was the first girl I ever held hands with. It was the first time I built up enough courage to confidently hold a girl’s hand. She may think we were only holding hands to prevent ourselves from falling from the high ropes course at camp, but there may have been some caring from my part.” :) Awww~

In the final morning before we left, there was a huge-arse cleaning session which was done quickly with the many hands on board. Aris made breakfast which was a combination of the left over food. Afterwards everyone sat in the livingroom area while tunes which dominated our radios and mp3 players in the 90s and 00s churned out of the speakers reminding us of younger and innocent days. At noon, we bid our farewells but not goodbyes because we all knew we’ll all see each other again in a month or two :)

  1. Nancy said:

    That birthday bash sounded too fun :P. Wow, drinks covered the fridge! :O! Nice :D Waking up on tuesday is way better. &it`s a 4 day school! :D! I`m used to the uniforms, but I`ve grown disattatched to it :O!
    Enjoy! :D

  2. Lorik said:

    awwwwwwwwwwww how fun!!!~~ I’m happy you guys had so much fun~ I hope you have even more fun in the future!

  3. nyuu said:

    wow that’s a lot of drinks. I’m glad you all had so much fun ^-^ and staying safe at the same time haha xD

  4. Jeniffer said:

    Wow! Alex bday is really a blast! 4 days fun with friends. Do you really celebrate bdays for 4 days with friends, like alex?. The ref. Was full of liquor and soda,amazing! I love drinking. I also don’t smoke..

  5. Thao said:

    Wow, a 4 day celebration. Now that is definitely quite a party with all sorts of activities.

    And I think it’s decided, I want to name my kid Aristotle. Haha, best name ever!

  6. Amanda said:

    My gosh, that looked like it was beyond fun – it looked like quite an experience all round! And the uniforms… that takes the cake for me, haha :p

  7. Bonnie said:

    looks like you had a great time ! (:

  8. sheidz said:

    4-day partey, eh? It seems like you all really had a super fun time! ;)

  9. emma said:

    looks like ur having too much fun *shifty eyes*

    im studying..*shifty eyes*

  10. Clara said:

    I am so jealoussss!!
    The party seemed so awesome

  11. Maggie said:

    Awwww I love reunions with high school friends! And I know this is late but I love Owl City (yay for Owl City blasting through speakers tehe :D)

    Also aww at your friend Alex’s speech…wish somebody had a nice story like that involving me ><

    And, lastly sounded like an amazing road trip and four days away! ^^

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