Things I Love

Hello lovelies! I arrived home from the trip to Tootgarook slash Alex’s 21st Birthday bash yesterday but was knackered to do anything so I slept. I slept for 14 hours, which shows how much fun I had :D Am in the process of typing a blog entry detailing the awesomeness of the trip however I’m waiting for some photos since I didn’t take any because I was having too much fun. I’m still beaming from the whole event! Anyway, here’s a list of the things which made my face shine like sunbeams & feel lovely this week!

Going to the beach everyday; a beach with no deep end- we were more than 200 metres from the shore and the water was only up to our hips!; collecting pipis; eating fish & chips; cooking for the boys; chilling on the balcony; sweating in the sauna while listening to Owl City; being mistaken for someone else, hehe; cold shower after the sauna; creating crazy drinking games- combine beer pong+roulette+beer bongs and you have hilarity!

Individual heart-felt speeches; shot shot shot!; reliving highschool memories; long conversations with acquaintances which are now friends; Westbourne plus Leanne & Huong – LOL; Aris’ cooking; hashbrown & cheese; Replay by Iyaz; on the couch listening to music which was the soundtrack of our childhood & teenage years; cleaning with 15-20 people- it’s so quick!; ice-cream cake; feeling sunkissed; exchanging knowing glances; Alex’s speech about me :) 

Sending “welcome home” messages; finding messages from friends I haven’t heard from in years; phone calls from Italy; finding sand everywhere; blowing bubbles; sleep; organising dinner for my Mum and Dad’s Birthday; being asked by my Grandma to make the same cupcakes like last time; people pushing me to be more confident; honesty; squished in the backseat; looking forward to the next event and “see you laters not good byes” :)  

  1. Thao said:

    Aww, I find that super sweet that your grandma asked you to make cupcakes. Not even my mom asks me that!

  2. bianca said:

    How lovely of a time, you don’t need pictures! You illustrated perfect moments that will always resonate in your heart! You inspire me to live out my summer’s to the fullest as well!

  3. f said:

    I like your list! It’s a lot of happy things :D

  4. Lorik said:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww i love the whole list! This post is making me want summer now!!! I can’t wait till summer ^______________^
    I’m glad you had such a wonderful time~

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