I love a sunburnt country

YAY! I finally received my pay today and my bank account no longer looks so sad. Well just. :P However, I have a heap of Birthday presents to buy this month; who knew I had so many special January babies in my life!

The weekend has been rather calm and relaxing. I’m just resting after the epic week road trip and getting ready for tomorrow’s trip -__-;; Before people start telling me to “SAVE MONEY!” This trip is my friend’s 21st :D 4 days 3 nights at some place which-I-can’t-remember-the-name-of, but it’s near Sorrento! BEACH goodness! Alex has really gone all out this year, he’s booked an awesome house for his 21st Birthday bash! Get this: double storey, 14 beds, upstairs deck & BBQ, huge backyard, home theatre room and Swedish spa (?!). Can’t wait!

Take care and see you all in 4 days :)!

Here’s some photos from my trip to Italy last year when we were in Pisa. Yesh– that’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa and yes it is frikkin’ leaning! We climbed it and I was walking at a weird slant the whole way. Climbing down was like the battle of gravity vs the lean of the tower. Believe it or not we weren’t the only ones doing funny poses with the tower; everyone in the vicinity had their arms to the side creating the illusion of propping the tower up. Our poses are way more original! LOL!

I love how “fake” some of these look, it’s like I’ve photoshopped but all these images were captured by my old trusty digicam. I think it’s the blue sky back-drop & newly restored tower that did it :)

The lean makes everyone lean to the left :D

The Tower is a bell tower and it’s situated in Pisa’s Cathedral Square. Close by sits the Duomo (Cathedral), Baptistry and the Composanto Monumentale (Monumental Cementery). This a view of the Duomo from the Tower.

View of Pisa from the top

  1. Jen said:

    Have a fund trip! Let us know what is a Swedish spa, because I’d like to know too.

  2. Thao said:

    Wow! That 21st birthday party is definitely insane and enormous! Swedish spa?!? Now that’s a first… Enjoy yourself and have fun!!

    Your pictures look amazing, btw!

  3. Tara said:

    Have a great trip! :)

    And those pictures of you guys making the Leaning Tower of Pisa not so leaning any more are brilliant! I love it!!!!

  4. f said:

    We climbed it and I was walking at a weird slant the whole way.
    I had no idea people were allowed to climb the tower! Haha, that’s the first thing I want to do whenever I get to go to Italy.

    Have fun on your trip! :3

  5. Amanda said:

    Wow, the place your friend rented sounds AMAZING. Have lots of fun and I can’t wait to see the pics! :D

  6. mishi said:

    Third tower pic is awesome.

    Hope you had a good time @ the birthday bash =)

  7. Bonnie said:

    i have a lot of presents to buy also D: im a january baby myself haha.
    wow those photos do look a bit fake but they are so pretty !
    have fun on your trip !

  8. Lorik said:

    Those are amazing photos!!
    Is that supposed to be a Koala bear??
    Have a wonderful and safe trip Leanne~

  9. bianca said:

    OMG have fun!! And details! Bring me back some BBQ too! btw, cute pisa pics!! hee hee :D

  10. Helene said:

    Happy new year to you too :)

    Love the pictures that LOOKS photoshopped xD They’re awesome. Haha. Always wanted to try that..

  11. Daisy said:

    i never thought about how the climb in the tower would be like.. sounds really fun though =p
    love your photos xD
    & enjoy the trip!

  12. Leanne said:

    Aww, hope you’re having fun and that you enjoyed the day at the beahc on that crazy hot day! My gosh, Melbourne has the worst heat waves ever!

  13. sheidz said:

    Wow, the Leaning tower of Pisa that is really leaning. Heheh. Amazing! :D The pictures look great, and funny!

  14. jeniffer said:

    wow PISA is really a nice place to visit. I hope to visit Europe in the near future. I think the place has many stories untold. I love how you captured those photos.Wow! 4 days of trip, that was awesome!! enjoy..

  15. Gel said:

    Oh wow, i’d love to witness the Leaning Tower of Pisa personally! It’s a very interesting place to go to :) You’re lucky you had such a wonderful experience seeing it right before your eyes!

    Nice to see you around the blogosphere again, Leanne :) Was wondering where you were, I missed your entries!

  16. Awesome photos! I wish to travel around Europe one day~

    I hope you have a great time on your trip! Sounds like you’ll have heaps of fun in that house :)

  17. Mich said:

    Have fun on your trip. That sounds like an awesome 21st! I’ve been to Italy but I wish I had the opportunity to climb the leaning tower of Pisa. That cathedral looks stunning as well. I wish we had historic buildings and such classic architecture where I was from.

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