Things I Love

First “Things I Love” for 2010! Here’s an explosion of shiny glittery goodness to start off the year :D

Brainstorming travel ideas: I’ve been playing around in my head places I’d like to visit at the end of this year if I pass the dreaded and challenging 4th year of Med. Think of this as a reward! It’s unfortunate that the part of the world I’d like to visit around Nov/Dec/Jan is cold, but we’ll see :) I’m so excited and 4th year hasn’t even started! :P

Celebrating New Years in quiet: I enjoyed spending NYE in the small coastal town of Merimbula. Strolling to the wharf approaching midnight and sitting on the old sea wood with legs dangled over the edge whilst watching the fireworks was the perfect way to welcome 2010. Opposite to the usual boom of city fireworks and then waking up the next morning in the same clothes stinking of alcohol and sweat. It was nice to just sit and reminisce the year that just passed and the one about to begin. I remember taking a deep breath as the last round of fireworks littered the night sky and the anticipating silence which followed when the fireworks ended.

The outdoors: The colours. The dirt on your hands. The air that fills the lungs. The brush of the wind across your cheek. The stars. All naturally made. Living in a man-made world, we forget where we originally come from and how small we really are. I saw the Milky Way on the way home from the road trip… I haven’t seen it for years.

Madame Brussels: Short stay tonight, however I shall be back to properly try the fruit punch and lemon sponge cupcakes while seated on the Alice in Wonderland inspired benches in the middle of a swimming pool :D 

Going out for breakfast: I don’t do this often because I’m generally asleep and can’t be bothered, but I love it when I do. I have a wishlist of cafes and restaurants I’d like to dine at… all I need is money and a dining buddy! Leanne needs to find a breakfast/lunch/dinner date :P

Being treated like a lady: Chivalry is not dead! :D

Other lovelies: concocting ways to surprise friends/family on their Birthdays; hugs; writing lists; elephants; catching up with friends; ‘good luck’ messages; helpful SAs; laughing; feeling extremely lucky with what I have; Yoko Ono; compliments; toning my butt- lol! I don’t know whether I’m doing it right but it feels like it helps :P If not, at least my legs are getting a work out!; feeling healthy; my family and not knowing what day it is because everyday is a holiday – literally! :D

  1. Nancy said:

    Good luck with planning your ideas with traveling ;) Traveling is always fun :D! Looks like you had fun outdoors& celebrating :D! Hope you find a dining buddy!
    Take care :D

  2. Katy said:

    I love brainstorming travel ideas too except I can’t afford the places I want to go or have the time to take off work. =(

  3. Leanne said:

    “Being treated like a lady” – I love this one! And I love how you feel afterwards when you think, “Gee… now if only I could find this in a guy I’m attracted to.” Haha~ Something as small as being walked to your car can make you feel really good!

  4. winn said:

    happy new year leanne! i’ve just been busy with work ): not that there’s much to do but it’s hard to be as active when you’re pooped out everyday~
    I’m glad you had a nice new years and hope you can wake up for all those cafe breakfasts you want to try ;D take photos!

  5. Becca said:

    everytime i think of chivalry i think of guys pushing the chair under me at a dinner table before they sit down.. and it’s one of those really awkward moments because i’m not sure how fast i’m supposed to sit to get it just right, then i end up having to adjust ahhah <3

  6. Amanda said:

    Those are awesome plans to travel… i’m guessing Europe, is it? And ha, the only problem with dining out for breakfast is that it sets the bar very high for the rest of the day. I’d be your dining buddy if we lived in the same place! But I’m a bit over breakfast dining cos i work in a cafe and … well serving people just isn’t as cool as being the customer ;)

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