Road trip to 2010

I’m back! Arrived home last night at 2am and still feeling pretty knackered, but I had a really great road trip! Most of our friends were overseas enjoying the Northern Hemisphere, so my friend Anthony and I travelled along the east coast of Victoria and NSW and spent NYE in Merimbula, 3 nights in the Blue Mountains then a night in Parramatta which is close to Sydney.

I am wearing shorts =__=;;

NYE was very pleasant (a good contrast to previous rowdy drunk NYEs). Spent the final day of 2009 lazing at a beach and that night we lit sparklers and walked down to the wharf to watch the fireworks.

We spent most of the 1st of Jan on the road to the Blue Mountains. We got a bit lost in Sydney however arrived in Lithgow by mid-afternoon, which is a very quiet country town propped up in the mountains.

Lithgow has Hassans Wall, which is the highest scenic lookout in the Blue Mountains.

 I love how they have this park bench here! Hehe, I look like a boy :P

 I could have sat there all day…

Zig Zag Railway. We hiked from Clarence station widing down to Bottom Points Station which was a 2 km hike (took 45 minutes) and caught the steam train on the way up/back!  I was covered in soot afterwards! :D


Govetts Leap Falls in Blackheath. Took us a bit over an hour and a half from the top to the bottom of the waterfalls and record time to hike back up the mountain. I prefer hiking up than down. It was very steep, slippery (was raining) and my knees and quads wanted to scream, but the waterfall was worth it :)

Jenolan Caves are a natural wonder millions of years old filled with stalactites and stalagmites and other beautiful limestone formations. These photos of the Lucas Cave, don’t do it justice!

Looks like strips of bacon :P

Some reason this reminds me of lots of jelly fish

Afterwards, we travelled down to Katoomba, which is a town about 30km away from Lithgow. In contrast to Lithgow, this town had a more youthful feel to it because its population is dominated by backpackers. If you live in Melbourne, I would say Katoomba is like Prahran. We dinnered here in Cafe Zuppa which had an awesome vibe! The tables had crayons and paper-tablecloths for us to doodle while we waited for our meals. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera to snap our masterpiece and meals. :( I had the Mixed Grill, which was kangaroo, steak, sausage, egg, salad & wedges; good way to refuel after a strenuous day. :D

The following morning as we left the Blue Mountains, we also had breakfast here and I had Eggs Florentine on very thick yummy toast. I love this joint!

We were meant to head home on the 4th, however Anthony was feeling tired so we decided to spend the day/night in Sydney. After finding a place  to sleep in Parramatta we headed off to Sydney. Last time I went to Sydney was about 7 years ago. It’s a very beautiful city but the streets are hell! Would have liked to stay longer though…

We walked around The Rocks, Circular Quay and dinnered on Darling Harbour at Blue Fish restaurant which was voted as serving the best fish & chips of 2009.


We ordered the Fisherman’s Basket and Paella. I’ve wanted to try paella after seeing it on Master Chef :x I understand why they have been named as having the best fish and chips- the fish was heaven! It was soft and the batter was crunchy. For desert I had the Blue Fish waffles & banana split. The vanilla ice-cream was so good! I felt like such a pig having desert after a big dinner — the waiter (with his Spanish accent) laughed at me & kept refering to my desert as “the special”, haha!


On the day we were to head back to Melbourne, we visited Toronga Zoo to see the new baby elephant Luk Chai! He is sooooo cute :3!

I am so glad to have ended and started a year with this trip. I’m feeling happy & healthy- let’s hope I feel this way for the rest of the year :)

  1. Lorik said:

    this is so wonderful! happy new year Leanne! I love the photos…this post made me happy~ I can’t wait till summer now~ I love the baby elephant awwwwwwwwwwww ^____________^ so cute~

  2. Wow! My mouth is open while reading and browsing those pictures. The place was totally knock out! Amazing shots. And I agree, you look like a boy in that picture, while ur sitting on bench. I so love everythng here. Great adventure!

  3. nancy said:

    I`m sure you`ll get the CSS soon :D! Love the pictures! Fireworks! I`m always scared to go near them for some reason ._______.”! Love the mountains, food& the zoo :D! Seems like you had a lot of fun!
    Take care& Enjoy!

  4. mich said:

    wow Australia seems like a great place to explore. I really hope I will get to visit that scenic outlook one day and those caves. Looks like you had a blast! : )

  5. Ellina said:

    Oh wow! Looking and reading your entry I’m glad you had such a blast! They’re very pretty too. I think I’d get a little be scared to go too close to the edge from such height xD The elephants are so adorable too! I haven’t seen any for so long :) Can’t believe it’s 2010, right? So fast! I hope you’ll have a fantastic year ahead of you ^^

  6. Hazel said:

    Looks like you had quite the adventure! :D What an awesome way to ring in the new year. Go on a road trip, enter a cave, ride a steam train, see a waterfall, visit a city, eat the best fish & chips, go to a zoo– Man! I should really get out more..

    And shorts! It feels like eons since I last wore those D; LOL

  7. jessica said:

    Lol wow, I would have been too scared to hold those sparklers lol And I wouldn’t have noticed how you look pantsless until I saw that comment underneath lol

    Haha I love roadtrips, but I haven’t been in one on a long time. I actually like just being in the car while someone else is driving. But looks like you have a relaxing and fun time, which you definitely deserve :)

    When do you start school again? And is it a new year or new semester? I dunno how Australian school years work :(

  8. Amanda said:

    Gaaah, that bench has one of the coolest views ever! Although it must’ve been a tad scary when you got too close to the edge…? :p

    and wow, your food pictures ALWAYS makes me hungry, grrr lol. it all looks divine! Gah, those sparklers remind me of how me and my friends were way too distracted with our game of poker that we forgot to light my mega long sparklers, oops.

    Happy new year! :)

  9. Leanne said:

    Tat’s so awesome! I used to work in Parramatta, it’s only about 40 mins from my house :) I’m glad you found travelling through NSW so enjoyable. I haven’t even been to half the places you visited whilst you were here, haha.

    They say the way you spend New Years is the way it’ll be for the rest of the year so hopefully it really is like that for your 2010! :)

  10. Bonnie said:

    I’ve been into a cave like that in Virginia ! Truly amazing ! Oh my, look at all that food. yummm :)

  11. Thao said:

    That sounds like a lovely road trip! Sounds like so much fun and the sights and food seem amazing. I wish I had a longer winter break to do more stuff, but I’m already back in school this week. :(

    BTW, how was the kangaroo meat?

  12. bianca said:

    so yummy yummy,i might have to make that for breakfast, looks like you had fun! i always wanted to go on a road trip…you inspired me to do so!

  13. emma said:

    you’re so lucky! i had a quiet nye too but it wasn’t at all like yours
    it looks like you had an amazing time and im super jealous
    btw i didnt notice the shorts thing till u mentioned it..hahaha

  14. Jen said:

    The cave shots are awesome. I’ve never seen those stalagmites before. Only in cartoons. =P Sounds like you had a nice calm NYE. I did too, and it was a change from the normal alcoholic infused NYEs.

  15. Lovely photos! I love the sparklers.

    I haven’t been to that part of the lookout in the Blue Mountains, I’ll take a note to go there next time.

  16. Faridah said:

    Great pictures! You make me miss sparklers.

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