2009 was Devine

2009 was a year of firsts including my 21st :) It was tough academically as this was my first clinical year where I was thrown in the deep end and learnt what it was like to be a “real” doctor. Mentally I am much more stable than last year, however my physical health has suffered a bit this year; remnants of not taking care of myself the previous year with the added stress of this year lead to constant illness and fatigue, which then affected my mood.. but that will change next year! :)  Overall, it was an amazing year! I met so many new people, tried new things, I went to Italy! …  definitely a year I will cherish.

Things I Learnt in 09:

  • “I can do this!” – I can be a good doctor. I always had doubts whether this was the place I should be. Since it was my parents’ preference not mine to do Med. I may dislike the competitiveness; the constant feeling of inadequency and the social retardedness of some Med students, however when I met patients, talked to them I just wanted to make them feel better.
  • Organisation is your best friend – especially when it comes to exams I couldn’t help but say “Leanne you’re a genius!” when I found all my notes neatly in a folder.. but that was 1st Semester.. 2nd semester was not so organised & I was cursing myself for end of year exams :P
  • I become really down during the Winter months to the point where it’s harmful
  • I think I’m starting to tread the line of “angry & bitter”… I have to be careful.
  • I push people away when I feel “betrayed” – when they fall off the pedestal I’ve created for being a “friend”. Maybe I should lower my expectations or communicate more? But how do I tell a friend I don’t like them talking to my ex? :(
  • I am a traveller. I dream of living in an apartment with large windows over-looking narrow European streets. I like scouring restaurants & cafes. Getting my hands dirty. Perusing galleries until they close. Speaking romantic languages… I need to work for this “reality.”

Things I did in 09 that I had never done before:

  • Travel overseas without my family
  • Travel to Europe; Italy. The whole trip was a first and it was fkn amazing with new adeventures every step of the way! :D
  • The whole hospital experience. Everyday was a new experience. I saw a patient, I examined, I inserted cannulas, I biopsied, I scrubbed in for surgery, I witnessed strength, love, anger, sadness, relief, dying, and death.
  • Go to a Local Artist Market
  • Go to an art show of a modern artist – Audrey Kawasaki
  • Go to an art show featuring one artist at the NGV – Salvador Dali
  • Get drunk, vomit & pass out -__-;; (on my 21st)
  • Get an undercut :P
  • Dress up as Lady Gaga
  • Make a domokun cake with my friends
  • Go to a Jazz bar
  • Attend a concert – Jason Mraz!
  • Eat emu, poutine, vodka infused cupcake; dine at Lindt Cafe; drink at Golden Monkey; sketch & eat at Madame Brussel’s Bar  

New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Exercise, meditate & eat more vegetables
  • Always do the best I can
  • Be kind, charming and perfectly flawed :)
  • Learn how to make Red Velvet cupcakes & pipe them!
  • Read ‘Perfect Girls & Starving Daughters’ by Courtney Martin
  • Budget & save up for something amazing for the end of the year :D

I’m heading off on a road trip and will be back on the 4th January 2010, so til then, lovelies…

Happy New Year ! ♥

  1. emma said:

    happy new year!
    lol i just wrote my new year’s entry too!
    and i agree with everything you said about “what you learned”
    yeah i get betrayed quite a bit
    and i dont know whose fault it is really
    me too me too
    angry & bitter? SIGN ME UP!
    best wishes to both of us in the new year!

  2. nancy said:

    Hello :D ! interesting post you got. Lovely picture of you& the tower ;P . You don`t need to tell them that you don`t like them talking to your ex. They should know better themselves. ;P Enjoy :D

  3. Daisy said:

    i laughed reading the note about organization, that’s cute xD
    enjoy your trip & happy new year!
    it’ll only get better =)

  4. Jen said:

    You had an awesome year. If I traveled to Europe, 2009 would have been a great year too!

    Hope you have a happy new year!

    P.S. I have still yet to try poutine. I heard it’s the best. :D

  5. Hazel said:

    I have to agree, this year was GREAT! :D
    But your New Year’s list puts mine in total shame. I mean Italy?! I’ve never even had a vacation overseas before! And Salvador Dali! Okay, too many exclamation marks

    Looks like you had a blast and I hope 2010 will be even better for you :)

    That first thing on your list made me think about my own future. My parents are all ‘become like your sister!’ (who’s in med), and I’m all like ‘But I wanna be a web-designer!’. At the same time, I DO want to help people, but going into that field seems sooOooOo boring :
    Oh life..

  6. Leanne said:

    Happy New Year, Leanne! I’m so excited for the new year to come. A new fresh start, I’ve always looked forward to it. Here’s to a better and happier new year for the both of us :)

  7. Leslie said:

    Good luck with your Med studies; with a positive mentality and hard work, you can be a good doctor! I aspire to become a doctor, or maybe a scientist. :P

    You had quite an adventurous year, and I hope next year will be even better for you!

  8. mishi said:

    That’s a pretty amazing list you have. It sound like you’ll be an amazing doctor.

    Happy New Year =)

  9. Thao said:

    2009 sounds like it has been a wonderful year for you overall. I wish you the very best for this upcoming new year. You have definitely grown a lot stronger and you truly are a kind and caring person.

    Haha, you’ll soon be entering 2010 in about 4 hours while I have just entered the first hour of the last day of 2009.

  10. jessica said:

    Aw, I think that pic with you hugging the tower is so cute :3

    You learned a lot this year, and they’re all great improvements :) You’ll definitely do very well in everything in 2010 and you’ll succeed in your studies. Good luck for 2010!!!

    Oh it should be the New Year for you already, so Happy New Year!! (I got like 3 1/2 more hours until midnight).

  11. Helene said:

    Oh yes he definitely has my back! :D
    I know right? I was really surprised when I had opened all my presents to see how many there were!

    Hope you have fun on the roadtrip ;)

  12. Amanda said:

    happy new year! :)

    ahh… the things you learnt in 09… the last 4 points are ones i strongly relate to ><

    and as for going to jazz bars and attending concerts – you need to do both far more often! They are both wonderful, joyous things to do… especially now that I will be hitting those venues hopefully on the performing side, i hope you start doing them more, tehee :)

  13. Leann said:

    Wow, your 2009 sounds like it was a great year :) Especially going to Italy! Happy New Year, I hope that you have an amazing 2010 with lots of joy. And when you learn how to make those red velvet cupcakes, be sure to take some photos! :)

  14. mich said:

    happy new year!
    i love your polaroids they are so cute! you always look happy.
    hope you have a great 2010

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