Boxing Day madness

Hello from Ice cube snowman!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful festive season so far :) Mum made noodles and lobster this year for Christmas Eve, which was (as with all her cooking) delicious! We opened presents on Christmas morning and I didn’t receive any presents this year except money from my parents and my little sister is still trying to find a present. Lol.

My Aunty invited us over for hotpot for Christmas dinner. Spent the night chatting to my cousins and watching ballroom dancing (my cousin is really into it now, because her new boyfriend is a Latin dancer, haha). My Christmas cupcakes were a hit! :D

Boxing Day was fkn crazy, but I absolutely love it! Actually I find the whole thing hilarious :D Does it happen all over the world? Does everyone have crazy sales on the day after Christmas?! My little sister woke me up at 5.30 in the morning because the Myer Boxing Day Sale began at 6am. =____=;; I shopped from 6.30am to 10.30pm!!! My body is still recovering…

The reason I shopped for 15 hours (holy moly! I just realised how crazy that sounds!) was because my little sister had work from 10am-3pm, so she wanted to shop before that and then I shopped in the city while I waited for her to finish work then I shopped with her after fer shift. ^^;; Since she’s so patient with my indecisiveness & pickiness when I’m shopping I thought I should return the favour – because she loves shopping more than I do :)

Everywhere was packed- HP, city… harbour town (had people! :P)! Funny thing, I usually hate shopping by myself because I feel self-conscious, but I kind of enjoyed it yesterday. I think the crowds made me feel more comfortable browsing through stores and trying things without feeling watched. However, I didn’t get a chance to visit all the stores because they were soooo crowded, it was impossible to see anything! Hilarious! :P

Definitely bought more than I did last year. Purchased a Pilgrim dress ($120 down to $30), black tights (30% off) and Elle MacPherson & Finelines bras from Myer (already reduced plus 40% off). Dress from Bardot (30% off), $10 black pointed flats from Famous Footwear, Adidas bathers & goggles from Rebel sport (altogether $45!) and basic singlet & shortshorts from Supré ($12.50).

I like simple designs with detail that catches the eye. The Pilgrim dress has pretty trimming and the Bardot dress has a lace back which I adore! Both can be suited for going out & clinicals (cover up the lace back though :P).   

My wardrobe is mainly composed of black, grey & white. Maybe I should colourise it a bit… next year…

BTW, tomorrow will be a year since I moved into! Thank-you Tara for being such a gracious host these past 12 months ♥

  1. Tara said:

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been a year since you came here XD

    And nice stuff! I’m glad you had a nice Christmas!

    Btw, I want that ice cube Snowman!

  2. Leanne said:

    Merry belated Christmas!! I didn’t go to the sales this year but oh my godddd…. 15 hours sounds totally insane! I love your purchases especially the Bardot dress. I’m going tomorrow, which I’ve just realised is a public holiday, haha! Ahhh, I hope it isn’t too crazy and that I’m not disappointed.

  3. Helene said:

    Awww that’s a bit sad because home made sweets are the best! :D They taste a lot better than the ones in stores since home made sweets doesn’t contains all those extra stuff.. Haha. I don’t even know what to call it. Like they use something so they can last longer etc. :)

    OH MY those cupcakes looks soooooo DELICIOUS and ADORABLE! :D Very creative :)

  4. jessica said:

    Merry (late) Christmas!! Your mom’s cooking looks so delicious T^T Ugh!

    What’s boxing day? o.o We did have sales after Xmas, but I think this is the equivalent to Black Friday which is after our Thanksgiving. That’s when everyone wakes up at 2am (or doesn’t sleep at all) and goes shopping all night/morning/day haha.

    But I didn’t get to go shopping (I wanted to). But it looks like you got a lot of crazy deals! Good job :)

  5. La Reyn said:

    Wow! I’m glad that you enjoyed Christmas. The cupcakes make me hungry. Belated merry Christmas to you and may you have a happy new year!

  6. nancy said:

    helloo :) hope you had a good holiday. I love hot pot ;D~ It`s been a while since I had any. The day after Christmas here is always busy at the mall :(. Well, parking is hard to find, but when waiting in line to go to stores, it isn`t really crowded. Our /boxing day/ is on black friday :D. that`s the only time when I actually spend lots of money. though I only spent over 200 on hollister this year :<. Happy one year bloggaversary to you ;).
    Take care :)

  7. Smartee said:

    OMG… you shopped for 15 hours straight??? Man, kudos to you!! I was only able to do it for about 4 hours before I got sick of the crowd. Mmmm… the dinner looks so great!! Surprisingly I didn’t have any dinners this year!

  8. Bonnie said:

    yeahhh i agree, buying jeans is such a pain. and theyre expensive … so i usually end up buying a lot of tops. but boxing day is a special occasion haha.

    how nice of you to wait for your sister (: 15 hours is a lot ! i think i shopped for like 3-4 hours and i already felt tired :P

    those dresses are SO NICE !! i really like the white one !! i want one RIGHT NOW HAHA

  9. Lorik said:

    Merry Christmas to you Leanne! I got your package on Saturday! SOOOO CUTE. I’m eating a little bit of the chocolate as I’m writing this haha~
    Those cupcakes look really nice…I’m sure they taste good too, but they look very nice…you should open up a cupcake store someday~!

  10. michelle said:

    Crazy shopping! I think the longest I’ve shopped before was maybe 5 or 6 hours!
    Ooo, the noodles and lobster looks delicious! I wouldn’t mind having that for my Christmas dinner, we always have ham and turkey!
    Those muffins are adorable :)

  11. Thao said:

    Lol, wow. 15 hours of shopping. Haha, you sure are hardcore. I’ve been basically sleeping through my winter break since it’s not as festive as the previous years.

  12. Daisy said:

    lobster noodles look sooo yum!
    i shopped for about an hour on boxing day and had enough, guess im not really a shopaholic afterall )=
    LOVE your dresses though! the bargains you got sounds pretty amazing =3

  13. Ray Ray said:

    I really like the black dress with the lace, where did you get it?

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