Corky Saint Clair

Look what I ate this morning :D!

Pancakes with caramelised nectarines

Didn’t have maple syrup or ice-cream in the house so I decided to use the delicious nectarines we had in the fridge and caramelise them in orange juice, rind & caster sugar. The process was messy – I’m a really messy cook but this is definitely a keeper for the future.

It was a boiling hot day in Melbourne and my little sister and I had planned a shopping excursion with our cousins on Bridge Road. I bought a black tulip skirt (50% off) for myself and a pair of Gripp Jeans for my little sister’s Christmas present.

We had a late lunch at Two Monks Cafe, which has an all-day-breakfast menu and a lunch menu of foccacias, salads, hamburgers & souvlakis. Having read brunch blogs lately, I was peckish for breakfast at 2 in the afternoon :P I ordered the french toast with pear, mascarpone, crispy bacon and maple syrup. It was absolutely amazing! I don’t remember the last time I had french toast, but this has me questioning why haven’t I been eating it?! I also understand the huge fuss for “pancakes drenched in maple syrup with a side of bacon” now, because the crispy bacon went so well with the maple syrup tinged french toast! This meal made me very happy :)! Also made me realise how much I want a good digital camera to capture these delicious foods!

We did a little more shopping afterwards, however became very tired from the constant heat blasting in our faces and bid our farewells to our cousins and my sister and I trammed down to Flinders Street, where I insisted to show her my recent treasure find… Corky Saint Clair!!!! A boutique with the most beautiful and charming pieces of jewellery and homewares, designed and handcrafted by local talent. A lot of the pieces designed by the owner of the store himself! Everything in that store I can see in my future home and if I could, I would buy each piece of jewellery for a friend from this place.

I really adore these charm necklaces by Red Cloud Design. The pattern on the silver is so pretty and you can costumise it with one of three charms – owl, bunny or skull. I like the bunny best! Unfortunately there were no letter L’s left for me to see, so the boutique owner refered me to a jewellery store in Block Arcade…  Ahhh the letter ‘L’ is the ugliest letter for charms. ;__; The charms are lower case letters so “L” looks like “l” which can be mistaken as = I or 1. But it’s still pretty and it would be pretty dorky to wear another letter, haha~ The wooden tree stand the necklaces were entwined on was also very nice! (future house decor!!!)

  1. Daisy said:

    the breakfasts look absolutely amazing!
    & i felt exactly the same about getting a good camera, needed something to capture all the yummy little details =p

    think i would’ve gone crazy over those necklaces 3 years ago. though im not that into skulls anymore, they’re still really pretty! really curious what the bunny one looks like ‘o’

  2. Leslie said:

    The pancakes look absolutely scrumptious! I don’t use syrup of any kind; instead, I use cream cheese and roll it up, haha! I still think your camera captured the delicious foods pretty nicely~

    Ahh, that’s unfortunate about the “L”; I also don’t like how the lowercase “L” can be mistaken for an “I” or 1. :|

  3. emma said:

    it looks amazing :D :D
    it seems like your days are getting quite christmassy!!

  4. bianca said:

    those look sooo goood!! And those charms look cute, I wonder what a ‘B’ would look like, but the letter ‘B’ on it’s own always reminds me of “baby”

  5. Thao said:

    Yummm breakfast food. It’s looks absolutely scrumptious!

    Hmm…skull charms. Very interesting. I wonder how the owl and bunny looks like.

  6. Laura said:

    :x your breakfast looks so yummy!!
    caramelized nectarines sound like a good alternative to the syrup and ice cream. I had made myself french toast few days ago and found out that my syrup had expired!! T_T so I just had it with a little bit of honey:/maybe I’ll try out the fruit next time^^

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