Errands & Chrissy list

Just finished earning my keep for today. I’m always exhausted after tutoring those kids and I only have them for 2 hours! x_x;; Anyway, Friday was basically a day of running errands. I sent all my packages and nearly cried when I realised that all of them weighed over 500g and almost 1kg ;__; Got too excited in the buying, I s’pose.

I bought the Covergirl Lashblast Waterprool Volume Mascara, for $5 off and the newest Shiseido eyelash curler because I was feeling bad for using my little sister’s. Both recommended to me by her — now I see the perks of having a make-up obsessed sibling :D But then honestly, I’ll probably buy anything she recommends because I find make-up shopping tedious so if it sounds good, why not?! I don’t wear make-up often, so it’s an investment! Little sister has been waiting for my review of the 2 products but I haven’t tried them out yet. :P     

Also got Emporio Armani sunglasses! xD Mum said we had money left over in our insurance claim and it was going to disappear by the end of the year if we didn’t use it up, so she suggested I get some sunnies :D After 2 days of trialing, I finally found these! Simple and big – exactly what I’ve been looking for! They are from EA’s Women F/W 09-10 Collection and I love the little logos on the side.

Last night we had a family get together to celebrate my Uncle, Aunty and cousin’s Birthday :D My sister and I bought my cousin a Luffy (from One Piece) plushie and I was pretty psyched by his reaction. Hehe~ It was nice catching up with my cousins and seeing my aunties and uncles.  The food was delicious too – Peking duck, Vietnamese roast pork, curry, honey chicken… soooo good! (& we have leftovers in the fridge! :3)

My Christmas list..


NARS Orgasm blush
Catrabbit plushie


Moleskine 2010 Pocket Daily Planner- soft black cover
Big black bag! (Along these designs…)


Big white or grey warm scarf


  1. Leanne said:

    Oh! Where did you get the CG mascara from?! I got mine for $7 a little white ago but it’s in brown. It’s such a great mascara, it doesn’t clump at all! I’ve also been meaning to buy both the Shiseido curler and NARS Orgasm, I’ve heard so many good things about it. Oh and yes, practically everything else clothes/accessory-wise on your list I want, haha! Great Leanne’s think alike ;D

  2. Thao said:

    Haha, I see that we have similar taste in clothing. I have been wanting very similar items, except I couldn’t wait until Christmas so I bought myself most of the items last month….^^;;

  3. Louise said:

    Oooh, nice shades. Big, simple and black seem to be the thing this year. I was looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses that were like that, but couldn’t find any without some sort of garish gold trim for a long time. Eventually, I found a company, SALT who does pretty nice prescription sunglasses that are just simple and classic. You can see them here:

    It’s weird how hard it is to find something simple, no?

  4. Daisy said:

    sometimes i really really want a pair of sunnies, but i’ve never worn contacts before and not sure if i should )=
    i feel like you already have bags, boots & scarves like those! or maybe those things just suit you so much that i already have hallucinations, LOL.
    but yea, totally loving those boots & pretty shades that i dont know when i can wear ;__;

  5. Amanda said:

    Ooh, all of your buys sound great – the makeup definitely sounds like a decent investment as well. And where were you sending those parcels? Cos up to 1kg isn’t exactly cheap!

  6. Leslie said:

    Hopefully the two products worked well for you~

    Ahh, I’m totally loving those boots! I’ve been wanting more boots after a recent birthday gift, so I’m hoping to find one among my Christmas gifts, haha! *_*

  7. Leanne said:

    @ Leanne: I got the mascara from Priceline. My little sister had a voucher for $5 off the price which was $18. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m hearing good reviews all round.

    @ Thao: haha Thao you’re so funny!

    @ Louise: I really like your sunnies! I can’t believe they’re prescription! My optom said I couldn’t get big sunnies b/c the lenses I need wouldn’t fit in the frames. But then these aren’t companies which make prescription sunnies. I had to choose sunnies I liked and then they put the lenses in. So most brands which make sunnies don’t cater for prescription lenses. :/

    @ Daisy: Actually I don’t own any of those things :p I say get contacts! They are so useful, especially when it’s raining.. don’t need to constantly wipe your glasses!

    @ Amanda: I’m sending those packages to America =__=;; $$$$

    @ Leslie: Hope you get those boots you want!

  8. emma said:

    wow balenciaga, expensive taste haha

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