Cupcake Crawl!

Caught up with Katie yesterday and I proposed that we  go on a “Cupcake Crawl” because we’re both cupcake lovers. :) There are only 3 cupcake stores in the city area so we decided to visit 2 out of the 3 because the 3rd one we weren’t really fond of :P

Little Cupcakes

I’ve mentioned this place more than once on this blog, so there’s no need for explanation :) I love the Christmas decorations they had, it’s all so homey and cute. I want my home to look like this!

I ordered my usual Red Velvet and Teddy Bear mini cupcakes. Yay I got a cheeky teddy today, normally I get the angry one :P

Katie had White Chocolate Raspberry and the Belgian Chocolate mini cupcakes.

The Cupcake Family

Recently opened, I’ve passed this place a few times but it was always closed or closing, so I was very excited to try this place out today :D Just like Little Cupcakes, it’s very cute and homey, however it’s more “Asian cute.” There have the typical flavours but also interesting flavours like Durian, Green Tea, Almond Orange and Honeycomb. Wanting to compare the Red Velvet to Little Cupcakes, I ordered the Deluxe Christmas cupcake (which was red velvet flavoured).

Verdict! Compared to the Little Cupcakes (LC), the cupcake itself is firmer and drier (but not bad dry). The flavour is more tangy which I guess is more true to the traditional Southern US red cake flavour and the cream cheese has more of a sweet cheese flavour. But I didn’t feel like the frosting and the cake went well together; the tanginess and sweetness kind of clashed but I got used to it after a while. I guess it’s because I tend to eat Red Velvet from LC so I’m used to their flavour. This cupcake had more of a flavour punch!

Katie tried the Durian and Green Tea mini cupcakes. Not a huge fan of these two flavours so I don’t know whether they were good or not. But I can tell you they both tasted strongly like their name. Durian one definitely tasted and smelt like durian, erk! Katie enjoyed them, however she prefers her cupcakes to be soft and moist, and these cupcakes are more on the firm side. 

  1. Thao said:

    Yum! I still don’t have a cupcake place near by. At least not to my knowledge. Yeah I think I would like the soft and moist cupcakes a lot more than the dry/firm ones. Now all of this cupcake talk makes me want to bake some….

  2. bianca said:

    lol angry teddy, this reminds me of a place by me in chicago, so cute. however in chicago cupcake shops are becoming a dime a dozen x_x

  3. Leanne said:

    Ahhh, they look so goooood! I’ll definitely have to do a cupcake crawl one day :)

    As for the pre-sale tickets, I’m not too sure if they’re more expensive, maybe you should give them a call to double check? But I’m sure they won’t sell out that fast. I managed to get two tickets for row B in the A Reserve section and it was a month after it’s release! So I’m sure it’ll be fine — oh and you can’t reply on my comment because I made the limit to 4 nested comments :P

  4. Leslie said:

    Those cupcakes look so good, especially the red velvet one! I would like to try doing a cupcake crawl one day, but I only know of generic cupcakes in supermarkets. *sigh*

  5. Tara said:

    MMMMM. Cupcakes. Those look too good to eat, actually. I’d be mesmerised by its prettiness to even touch it!

  6. mishi said:

    Only 3? =o I don’t think there are any at all where I live ;_;

    They look lovely and so cute ^^

  7. Daisy said:

    ive always been in love with your cupcakes, but never managed to find a store close by ;_;
    i really like the deco for Little Cupcakes, homey and very cute indeed =3

  8. Vanessa said:

    AHH Those cupcakes look so awesome! Yessss, I might be heading to Melbourne in Feb, will definitely visit these cupcake places ^_^

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