It’s finally Summer baby!

The weather has been dodgy lately that it hasn’t felt like Summer! Ironically we had like a week of high 30°C, low 40°C weather during swotvac which was torture and when exams were over the weather never picked up, until today! Got to wear my new Lee’s denim short shorts and fedora hat I purchased from Italy :) My little sister and I went into the city and did Christmas shopping which was crazy. We were carrying bags right left and centre and were stuffing bags into other bags.. most of it being my shopping purchases :P It’s funny, I spend more on people than on myself…


I love the pockets on these shorts, they make my bum look nice. HAHA~

 Anyway here’s the product of today’s work! Can’t wait to wrap them up and send them off! :) (Still have a few more prezzies to get)

Took a photo of a “busker” who I have been wanting to since I saw him. He’s so amazing! I think his name is Santa Stone, but I like calling him Rock Santa :)

I love when it when the city becomes Christmassy!


One of many Arcades in Melbourne

Bourke Street Mall

I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh

  1. Daisy said:

    i love the idea of christmas in the summer, it just looks so happy! (^O^)/
    pretty photos, i really liked the rock santa =p

  2. Leslie said:

    Christmas in Summer weather seems so interesting… I’ve always experienced it during Winter. I also love seeing Christmas decorations in the city! They’re so pretty~

    By the way, nice shorts! :P

  3. Katy said:

    Hey babe.. I haven’t been to your blog in a while and got confused when I saw your this entry. I thought you haven’t updated in a long time because it’s winter and HELLA cold here then I realized you live on the other side of the world. =P I can’t say I miss summer much though; I LOVE WINTER!!

  4. Thao said:

    Wow, I love the shopping center. It looks so grand and festival. And the stars are so nice. Christmas in the summer is something I definitely must experience!

  5. Leanne said:

    Weather is being insane here too! 33 degrees yesterday and now it’s pouring! Rock Santa looks pretty awesome! I wonder if they ever get tired or hot and what happens if they need to sneeze or cough?! These people have so much self-control! And the decorations in Melbourne are looking a lot like Sydney’s :D

  6. Lorik said: that santa a real person??? i’m confused ;____;
    sometimes i try to picture how christmas would be during the summer, and I can’t. I guess I have to visit Australia!!

  7. Laura said:

    Wow Rock Santa looks cool!~
    Love the Christmas decor!^^
    Your fedora is superrr cute

  8. Becca said:

    it is so strange to see a sunny christmas, but it looks equally festive! and the inside of that building is SUUUPER nice… =wants to steal their xmas deco=

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