Things I Love

I woke up this morning with the sun’s light shining on my face and the first thing that came to mind was “Nooooo.. I don’t want to go out today! I’m so tired!” :P Having gone out for the last 2 weeks straight has really emptied out the energy and money reserves… but it’s holidays! For a Med student, these come once in a bluemoon.. and these are the holidays that are somewhat guilt-free.

Kiosk, St Kilda

The beach: Where ever I am in my life, I always want a beach somewhere in reach. It was a drizzly day but I had this yearning to go. Dressed in a black jacket & a pair of boots I walked along the shore and wharf enjoying the quietness and emptiness of the coastline.

Talking roadtrip: My friend and I are planning a roadtrip along the eastcoast of Victoria, New South Wales and possibly Queensland. We spent our lunch in a small Japanese cafe eating and going throw maps of Eastern Victoria and NSW. It made me realise that there was so much of Australia that I had yet to discover and here I am dreaming about conquering Europe, while I still don’t know what’s in my backyard! I’m very excited if this works out! :D

Homey bakeries: Ones with their windows filled with weird and wonderful sweet French delicacies which make your mouth water and your mind go crazy because you can’t make up your mind! St Kilda has a lovely street, home to 3 such bakeries. Despite the wonderful cakes and pastries available, I had a craving for an eclair, and the one I had definitely cured the craving but left me a tad sick with sugar. Haha~

Shopping with my little sister: She’s the only one I feel comfortable with… and a lot less guilty dragging along. Teehee~

Having lunch with Daddy: We had lunch today at a pub nearby, which is a surprise because I didn’t know my suburb was known for good pubfood. We both had the lunch special – pumpkin soup & steak sandwich, which was really good! :) It’s nice to have some Father-daughter time. I think this is one of those moments where he realises how much I’ve grown up and I realise how much stored-up world knowledge he has. I think when I’m so busy grumbling around the house and arguing with my parents I forget that they can be pretty cool sometimes :P

Other lovelies: chatting in my friend’s car parked outside my house- sometimes we would be there for 3 hours & my parents will call asking me where I am – hahaha!; having the Christmas tree up; Natasha Bedingfield – Soulmate & Wild Horses; chocolate stores, especially this time of year; thinking of Christmas gift ideas; my new Lee denim short shorts!; A Fine Frenzy; Glee; large-brown-husky slash Hallmark-bear-like dog in Richmond — aww I wanted to hug it!; cheap filling meals; SAs in Sass&Bide- they always look like they’ve just walked off the catwalk and old dogs walking with their owners/companions.

  1. Amanda said:

    Oh. My. God. That chocolate coated cream donut (if its that at all) makes me drool! I could definitely do with one right now!! And the soup looks awesome too – steak sandwiches ftw! And I completely agree with you – I would definitely have to have a beach nearby wherever I am… i couldnt imagine living in the middle of a large continent, hours and hours from the sea :(

  2. Elle said:

    I am dyyyinnng for my holidays! (As you can tell) I have to say it’s really hard for me to find a shopping buddy that i don’t feel guilty dragging along. i like shopping by myself. i hear ya on talking in the car for 3 hrs in front of my house thing. the car is such a great place to sit and talk!

  3. Leanne said:

    Woo roadtrip! That sounds so fun~ I want to go to Melbourne but my friend’s aren’t so keen on doing anything that involves going to places other than Sydney, haha :( I love homey bakeries! You can smell them from a mile away, it’s even better when it’s winter!

  4. emma said:

    wooow sounds amazing :D
    and im so hungry right now
    that chocolate eclair isn’t helping at all

  5. Tara said:

    Pub foooooood! I love pub food! They are so delicious!

    And I never been on a roadtrip . . . I dunno if that would be any fun in Korea, but I’m sure if I were with the right group of people, we can make it fun! ^^

  6. Daisy said:

    mmm pumpkin soup looks so yummmm *O*
    & the roadtrip sounds exciting! =D

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