What a week! (Long post!)

This week has been intense, funtasmical, blissful & exhausting. Next week will be somewhat the same but a bit more subdued with more one-on-ones and sipping frapaccinos. This week was like a “coming out” party after spending the first week of Summer holidays living off the couch and catching up with suppressed thoughts.

On Monday it was Kevin and Michael’s 21st Birthday bash and yours truly had to do a speech. Bit of freak out and running around few hours prior, but it worked out with one of the Birthday boys passed out before midnight :P It ticked all the boxes for a typical house party and myself and Will were pretty proud of ourselves for not doing a repeat of my 21st. :D Slept over in a huge bed with 3 others which has become almost a trend in house/apartment parties I’ve been to lately ^^;; 

Woke up on Tuesday groggy but ready for another 21st! Arrived home, showered and prepared for a picnic by candlelight 21st. Complete contrast to the previous night- smaller, intimate and romantic in a poetic sense. We dined on delicious morsels each invitee beautifully crafted, including me and my canned fruit salad :P (I was tooo tired to cook!). Possums also crashed the party! Everyone wanted to celebrate Syahir’s 21st! :D

Woke up on Wednesday afternoon on my friend’s couch and lugged myself home to prepare for catch-up with the people I went to Italy with, mid this year.  We dinnered at Dragon Boat and tried an interesting dish – Emu with XO sauce, which was really good! Looks like beef but is more chewy. Don’t really know how to describe the taste – definitely not beef, lamp, chicken or pork.

Afterwards Qavi took us to a Jazz bar which made me really excited because it was on my “Things I wanted to do but didn’t know how to go about it” list. :P You wouldn’t call me a Jazz fanatic but I appreciate it. After years of learning about it and having to perform it at my final Music Performance exam – I really admire improvisation and believe, when done right, to be the opitome of musical skill.  The place was what I imagined a jazz club to be; situated at the end of a labyrinth of alleyways; it was small, dark and had small rounded tables and stools around a small stage. As the band played, people tapped, clapped, nodded to the music. I couldn’t take my eyes off the pianist and the drummer; they appeared to be in another world, the drummer looked like he was in a trance and that was the best part- seeing a musician become the music.

Thursday was a rest day – thank goodness!

Friday was the Art & Design Market presented by No Vacancy and QV. I was so excited about this! It was about time I got to know the local artists instead of admiring so many artists overseas! I was not disappointed by the work produced! I bought my first print and it is by Catherine Campbell. I would have loved to buy many more prints from other artists, however at this stage, I should wait until I earn a steady income :( There was an artist/illustrator who caught mine and my friend’s attention: Jeremy Ley!!! So talented and cute and so terribly awkward. Haha. Theory- artists are rather reclusive individuals. He tried to make conversation with us and when we purchased one of his prints for a friend’s Birthday gift it became more awkward as he kind of confused himself. Haha~ But yes, us girls were pretty much in dreamy mode afterwards.  

Before the market, Kelly and I lunched at Cookie, which we were very lucky to get a table! Very deceptive place; interior design and name do not match the food they serve – Thai food with hint of Meditarranean. I had fat rice noodles with duck, cabbage, green peppercorns and basil, which was flavour heaven! Afterwards we had Belgium waffles made by Frenchmen then explored the stores under Flinders Street Station.

  1. emma said:

    im so jealous!!!
    your friends sound so fun xD

  2. Jenii said:

    OMG I SO need to read your entries. I’ve been pretty blog-dead for a while now. Gotta get back into it (probably because my computer has been out of commission for about 3/4 of the year and I’m mooching off the BF).

    GYAAAAAAA. YOU HAVE SUCH FUNTIMES. I has the jeliz… No seriously. I feel like I’m reading a journal of some model who lives in NYC frolicking in bars and cupcake shops ;_; Except…in Australia…hurhurr

    OMG artsy guys are so hilarious…sometimes just being a girl unravels their entire composure XD HAHA!

  3. Leanne said:

    I want to go to a jazz bar too! *sigh* That print is so lovely, I like the colours. I need to get out, all I’ve been doing is sleeping haha.

  4. Ine said:

    Love the print, I wouldn’t mind having that myself!

  5. Lorik said:

    what a week!!!! hahaha~ mine was the complete opposite of yours! It’s good that you are out and about…it’s necessary!!~
    I love the print..it looks so lovely~~~

  6. Leslie said:

    Your week sounded like a lot of fun and partying (and 21st’s)! I’d like to have a full week of awesome myself, haha.

    I love the print, too; the owls, patterns, and colors are just lovely~

  7. Tiff said:

    What a crazy week! All I did was hermit myself studying at uni to hopefully get into med haha. Worst holidays ever!

  8. Daisy said:

    your week sounds so full of fun and excitement and productivity! mine is pretty much like, on monday i worked and went home and ate and slept, tuesday i worked and went home and… so on and so forth LOL

    fat rice noodles with duck, cabbage, green peppercorns and basil sounds like something i’d really like to put in my mouth right now TAT

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