Things I Love

Thought, I should catch up on some “appreciation”, since the last few weeks have been more about whining. :p

China White cupcake: A complimentary cupcake from Sheryl from Cupcake Central. Vanilla cupcake infused with vodka & Bailey’s– delightful!

Naruto Shippuuden: ‘nuf said.

Giant Lindt ball: When I saw this I knew I had to buy it for my friend. Too awesome to not! Photo was taken late one night, LOL. 

Lomo Lubitel 166+ : I shall post more about this on a later date. Friends gave it to me as a 21st Birthday present :)

Other lovelies: Glee; writing letters; smiley food; YSL make up bag; ankle boots – still unsure, but when worn by the right people, with the right clothes; they looks so good!; breton stripes; The Nanny; food photos; coming home & seeing a package on the table; Golden Monkey fries; dreaming; having time to myself and staying inside on a stormy day.

  1. Tara said:

    HOMG. I want that giant Lindt ball! I never knew such a thing existed! HOMG. MUST FIND.

  2. emma said:


  3. Leanne said:

    How do you eat that thing?! I so want one though :9 Also, Glee! HEHEHE I love that show~

  4. AE said:

    i want that cupcake!!

  5. Daisy said:

    is that actually one lindor?? waoo!
    cupcake looks sooo pretty & soo good ;_;

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