Midnight Bottle

YAYAYAYAY first day of bliss! I had my last exam for the year yesterday! Fingers crossed I did well and will be going on to fourth year of Med next year :) Afterwards had lunch and then I went home for a nap. Haha~ I’m not as limber as I used to be. Later that night went to the end of exam year party for 3rd & 4th year Med students. I admit I was pretty sour at first thinking I should’ve stayed home in my bed because I wasn’t feeling comfy in my skin for some reason, but as the night progressed I was having a pretty good time. It’s been ages since I sipped cocktails, midnight snacked, danced for hours in heels  and walked home in my poor worn out bare feet.  :p

Cocktails @ Golden Monkey. I thought Grill’d had the best fries but now this place earns this title, and they are served on those cheap Asian plates that every Asian has at home, haha~

Pie face! 24 hour restaurant/cafe which serve pies which are either unsure, shocked or happy to be eaten! Excellent for a 3am meal.

I’m just so relieved that it’s holidays! It’s been such a long time that I had almost forgotten what it felt like and it came to the point where I was almost work-obsessive and felt like I had OCD and becoming the Med student which I hated! Last time I had a “break” was like 4 months ago and that was when I went to Italy, can you believe it?! So much to do! But at the moment I’m just gonna bum around before the next role of 21sts (next week) come around. Hope everyone has been well! :D

  1. jessica said:

    Ah, I’m have yet to do my finals T^T I’m dreading it very much. But I’ll probably be in the same position as you (very stressed). But it’s good to know that you have a good time and enjoyed yourself after your tests. Enjoy your break!

  2. Leanne said:

    Yay for no more exams! I still have one more left. Ahhh,it’s so painful waiting for them to be over. I love Pie Face!!! It’s not 24 hours here but it’s so awesome. I usually get a stack with gravy and mash yum yum!

  3. Jen said:

    I celebrate every end of semester after finals with my girlfriends and with cocktails too. Its such a great feeling of relief. That’s cool that you have a cocktail party with a bunch of your classmates.

  4. emma said:

    so jealous!
    my exams finish on the 18th..and even more so since it’s summer there

  5. Amanda said:

    Wow, those cocktails pwn everything I’ve seen so far around here! Mind you… I’m not a cocktail person at all, so i tend to just have a sip of other peoples. And nooo you’re wrong, I’m asian and we don’t have those plates :p

    As for the pies – I’m keen!

  6. Tara said:

    Pie face! That’s soooo cute! And yay for finishing up your exams! Looking at those cocktails brings back memories of my uni days where my friends and I’d celebrate the end of a term by going out drinking cocktails and whatnot! I miss those days :(

  7. Tara said:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, I do not have perfect pitch! I can figure out a melody on the piano, but not in the original key. I can easily transpose between some keys, but I usually stick with the easy C, D, F, G or B-flat majors LOL.

  8. Daisy said:

    haha! i’d love to eat an unsure pie =p
    congrats on finishing exams! looks like you’re having lots of fun already =3

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