My 21st Masquerade Party

Big night. I never want to be a host ever again! I found myself running around so much that I didn’t even have time to enjoy myself! Didn’t get to eat but managed to overdrink, vomit, pass out & be carried off to bed by 3 guys. =_=;;; Oh god. Never doing THAT again!

BUT overall, it was wonderful to see all the people who made my 21 years all under the one roof having a good time & mingling :) It was quite a surprise to see so many people! Speeches were great, especially Anthony’s & Kelly’s who made an animation which was freakin’ amazing! You can watch it here

Woke up this morning feeling nauseous – my first hangover?! I had fun & got rather emotional reading the cards & opening the presents this morning. Received lots of jewellery, chocolates, wine, books & “your present is coming over in the mail”! :p

Cupcakes made by Sheryl from Cupcake Central! I only got to taste the Red Velvet :( which was scrumptious~ 

Cupcakes were freshly baked that day and Sheryl even made me a complimentary China White cupcake, which I have yet to touch!

Michael, Will & Kevin arrived wearing these masks xD 

Domokun cake, which Kelly, Syahir, Jason & Tracey helped to bake :D


This was probably the last drink I had before I started saying “I’m dizzy.” :p But it’s a photo showing my undercut :)

  1. jessica said:

    Happy Belated Birthday~~!

    Whoa you went all out with the cake and cupcakes @.@ I wish I can eat one T^T

    Haha, being a host sucks, it really does involve running around. But your party looked awesome! Hope you enjoyed most of it ^^

  2. Tara said:

    Looks like you had an awesome time! <3 I’m glad you did! I wished I was there to celebrate it with you :)

  3. Tara said:

    And I somehow didn’t see that first paragraph. O_O;; I’m sorry the hosting part was a bit of a pain, but at least you still had some fun. XD

  4. Leanne said:

    The animation was so cool, haha “Do the hustle!”

    Sorry you didn’t find time to enjoy your party, I find it’s often like that when you’re the host because you’re trying to keep everyone happy and get things out on time, it’s so stressful but it looked like such a great party to be at! The cupcakes look so good as well, yum!

  5. Smartee said:

    Happy belated birthday!! Wow, your party seems like it was a funtastical one!! Amazing! I hope one day I’ll get something like this… but glad you had fun!

  6. emma said:

    happy belated birthday
    and btw your hair looks amazing
    im so jealous of it
    i think you’re making me have the courage to get my spock hair cut
    congratulations on being 21st i will turn 21st soon too :D

  7. Katy said:

    I love hosting parties because then I know everyone. =P Happy belated bday!

  8. Jen said:

    OMG that Domo cake is so adorable and the cupcakes are so pretty! Happy 21st! Sounds like you went out traditionally (passout + vomit)

  9. Amanda said:

    Happy belated 21st birthday!
    and oooh, your cupcakes and Domo cake all look sooo delicious! And the cupcakes are adorable! This is making me craaaave :(

  10. Lorik said:

    ~~~~ You look so pretty ^__________^
    And your cake looks amazing ~~
    I’m glad you had a fun time Leanne~

  11. Minna said:

    Hehe maybe you got drunk+the hangover BECAUSE you didn’t manage to eat? ;-) That and sleep is usually the bad guys… But yeah you should “hire” people (like family for example..) to wait on you when it’s your birthday ;-)

  12. Mihoriel said:

    Happy Belated Birthday beautiful =) The Domo cake/cupcakes look so tasty. I’m so glad you had an awesome time.

    Also awesome animation to those who created it for you on your special day!

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