Stop raining on my parade!

I am sooooooooooo disappointed. I was really looking forward to having Sugadeaux cupcakes at my birthday and I’ve been in emailing contact with the owner for days and when I finally ordered my batch of 72 mini cupcakes, she replied with regret that she was fully booked on the weekend of my Birthday party. *BIG SAD FACE*

There are other cupcakes places but I have never tasted their produce or they are too expensive. I was really looking forward to them. Everything seems to be screwing up! I still don’t have a mask, and I’m the Birthday girl who decided to make this a Masquerade theme, for goodness sake! (Gahh, I sound like a 3 year old…)

Stopped by a Korean supermarket yesterday because I had a craving for Korean and bought frozen dukboki. Made it today for lunch and the packet is a liar! Should take 4 minutes, took me more than double the time. Disappointed on how it looked but the sauce was nice.. for the first few mouth fulls… 

The chilliness made my nose runny and I still have it next to me… starting to make me feel sick. Korean craving, definitely over!

Arghhhhhh, I feel like I’m going to crack a tanti! Nothing seems to be going right!

  1. Tara said:

    I’m sorry about the cupcake things :(

    And Ddeokkbbokki!!! X_X;; I wouldn’t have tried the frozen one, either. I’d rather just get the street side vendor ones, even if they are probably really not great for you either, but it’s still so good. :)

    . . . But yes, it’s quite spicy, LOL.

  2. Leanne said:

    Yum, yum! I really love dukboki but it’s so true! It can become so sickening after a while~

    Aw, I hope things work out and that you find another cupcake maker! I’m sure Melbourne has a lot of them out there!

  3. Daisy said:

    you’re such a cupcake lover, it would have been perfect, sorry that it didn’t work out )=
    i’m sure you’ll find ways to make up, don’t worry about screwing anything up! it’ll be a great party =3
    & im craving for dukbokki now too =p

  4. emma said:

    hahha i love that stuff

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