My Birthday Wishlist

9 more days and I’ll be 21.

People have been asking me what I want for my Birthday. It’s a bit hard because things I’ve been lusting over are really expensive or are things which with a few years of money-saving & working I’ll be able to buy for myself. :) Really I just want to have a wonderful night, a wonderful month, a wonderful year, a wonderful next 21 years.

But of course, there’s no harm in comprising a wishlist:



Night in fairy lights; cupcakes loaded with candles; pass 3rd year in flying colours; lots of hugs & kisses; bouquet of roses; classic black Chanel quilted bag; leather jacket; Lubitel 166+ camera; lomographic film;  long chained necklaces with simple pendants.



Swacket-black wool; laced up ankle boots; big sunnies; big rectangle clutch bags; Max Azria dress; MAC make-up brushes; eyelash curler; tickets to a fashion show; plane ticket to NY with no return trip! :p; sexy platforms; blazers; breton striped goodies; Seafolly spa-blue or opal blue bikini set; engraved jewellery; helium balloons; anything Alexa Chung would wear! :D; new phone and lots dancing & laughing! 


  1. Lorik said:

    ahhhh i love all those things~~ i wouldn’t mind having those…except for the bikini…since we are nearing winter~~ ^_________^ I love the necklace~

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday no matter what you decide to do~

  2. jayjayne said:

    Happy birthday for your upcoming 21st! I know you’ll have a kickass time, presents or none! :P

    Although, impressive birthday present list! Love all of the items!

  3. Ellina said:

    Lol, plane ticket to NY with NO RETURN! xD

    That sounds like an awesome getaway xD But it’s so cold over there! haha.

    Nice list xD I hope you’ll have fun on your birthday!

  4. Daisy said:

    the pendant necklace is so lovely!
    the year passed so fast, i still remember your 20th bday post, seemed just like yesterday, haha =p
    hope your wishes will come true =3

  5. Amanda said:

    That black wool coat thing is amaaaazing! (and as I have just clicked to find out, ridiculously expensive also) but I hope that all your wishes come true – I’m sure it will be a blast :)

  6. jessica said:

    Hope you get everything you wished for :D Lol and if you do get that plane ticket to NY, you can come visit me ^^ But why would you? :P

    Have a good birthday~~! Don’t stress out too much! Enjoy it! It sucks for me cause my bday (4 days after yours) is around the time when everyone has midterms, so everyone is so busy and I don’t want them to do poorly T^T

  7. Minna said:

    OHH I love the two first things on your wishlist – I hope you do get them so we can see the outcome =)

    I love how you wished for a no-return ticket. Just imagine getting it – how would one really react to such a thing?

  8. emma said:

    love love love alexa
    i think i have a lot of things that she has
    but i just cant wear it like her!

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