I have a food problem

Everyone is on mid-sem holidays except… 3rd year & older Med students! D: A mini-break now would be so divine, since end of year exams are 2 months away. I no longer can comprehend what day of the week it is anymore — I’m just powering through it until I collapse into my soft bed.

I’m developing a very bad habit of using food as a form of procrastination. The theory is I’m not allowed to eat and study on the basis of an old saying my Mum used to tell me as a kid: You’re eating your knowledge! So what’s suppose to go to my brain is being munched up and digested and pooped out. :p So I rarely eat and study. Therefore to delay the monotonous and draining process of study, I eat, watch TV, browse the internet and eat!

I looooove food, but I’m starting to see it as a problem. Why? 1. I’m gaining weight. 2. I have 2 cavities! :o I used to pride myself in having no cavities! 3. I’m non-hungry eating. Even when I’m fully bloated I’ll still try to stuff something in just to delay studying further. 4. What’s worse! I don’t study after eating.. I rest and digest in front of the TV or laptop screen =_=;; 5. What’s worst! I’m spending more money on food than clothing! I yap on about saving money for buying beautiful clothes but then I swear most of that cash goes into the tummy.

Hmmm.. on this rant about my food problem.. let’s post up some photos of delights I think were somewhat “worthy” of spending money on :p (It’s been a while since I tickled people’s tastebuds, haha)

Penne with Moroccan spices, Spanish onion, garlic & lamb @ The Quarter


Red velvet cupcake @ Little Cupcakes

Burgers & chips @ Grill’d (soooooo good!)

Oki.. I didn’t buy this but it was really good sushi from Edo :D 

Should head off to bed! It’s approaching midnight and have to get up at 6am tomorrow to go to 8am Haematology wardrounds. Long day tomorrow -__-;;

  1. Daisy said:

    haha leanne, same here!

    whenever i feel like i need a break i will find something to eat, and while i’m eating i mustn’t be studying, and will watch shows or browse the internet, and even after i finish eating i won’t go back to studying since i need to finish whatever i was watching or browsing. and then maybe after 2-3 hours i will finish “eating”, and then finally go back to studying. but the thing is i will wanna eat soon again and the process gets repeated again and again D: its just like the perfect excuse for not studying that i dont even feel bad about..

    the penne looks really good & im looking forward to that food date! =p

  2. emma said:

    yeah i dont eat when i study
    well occassionally i do
    but if you get hungry and then get distracted so it isn’t good either =_=
    lose lose situation

  3. Jen said:

    I really like your Mom’s saying! :P
    I know what you mean, I used to do that in uni too. It’s hard, b/c it becomes a habit and need instead of just eating because you’re ACTUALLY hungry. And yea, then you just get fatigue & veg instead of being productive afterwards. BUT! The fact you noticed this is a good thing! Hopefully you can slowly get back to a place where all the yummy food is a joy rather than a distraction.

  4. jessica said:

    Lol I do the same thing. If I’m eating, I can’t do work cause I don’t want my laptop/books dirty, which is why I spend so much time making food and eating it. I also spend a lot of time in the shower, for the same reasons. And with the added gym time (my suitemate makes me go with her, which isn’t bad for my health, but I’m a lazy person), I don’t seem like I’m studying much so far this semester.

    I hope you find some time to relax before your exams, you don’t want to be jumping into them while all tired/stressed. I’m at the beginning of my semester, so I don’t feel the pressure at the moment (although I am applying to Med Schools atm, so there’s a bit of stress from the process). Well, when I’m going crazy over my finals, you’ll probably be on your break :)

  5. Minna said:

    How about;
    1. Exercising some more?
    2. Brushing your teeth?
    3. Eating more regularly?
    4. Powernapping?
    5. Clothes are not as important ;)

    I think it’s great that you show such passion for food – it’s healthy and I think the world has forgotten how vital and necessary it is for you. It has become something bad, if you eat more than others you’re bad. And we both know that’s so so wrong. I think you just need to structure it, I sure do too, but it’s the academic world that messes the entire thing up =(

  6. Amanda said:

    Gah, the food problem and gaining weight is very familiar to me at the moment :( but none of my food looks as divine as yours! I’ve never been so hungry from a bunch of photos before :(

  7. Lorik said:

    sometimes ill just eat food because it tastes good and my dad will tell me “STOP EATING!!! YOU AREN’T HUNGRY!!!” and i go ;______;

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