Things I Love

Whatever will be, will be… hmm that’s a mindset I should learn to adopt more.
I’m feeling really tired despite sleeping in and not turning up to ICU wardrounds this week. I don’t know what’s wrong with me I turn up to tute at 11am with droopy eyes and keep blanking out. My friend told me off the other day “Leanne, we’re not even in a tute, we’re just talking and you’re blanking out!” I’m really looking forward to finishing this year off. Just two more months and passing the exams… just two more months..


This week’s lights at the end of this long tunnel:

Glee– love the music, love the wacky characters, love the script; 19/20 for my MCR- woot! ; friend shouting me Nando’s chips ; conversations about life ; fried ice-cream; conversations with Hamon about love & relationships-  that boy makes me laugh with his random questions; smiley photos; dreaming of being swept off my feet; camera ooo-ing; “Slow Dancing in a Burning room”; large tabs!; NY Fashion week! – well from the photos I’ve seen :p ; cute fluffy white dogs; random warm hot night at the beginning of Spring; hot German med student – looks like a European model! ; tree along our driveway- its leaves change colour! In Spring it’s pink, in Summer green and Winter yellow! :D ; BCBGMAXAZRIA and the thoughts which run through your head before you fall asleep.     

  1. tart said:

    Glee makes my world smile =D

  2. Ellina said:

    Aww, two months should be that long ^^ It’ll fly by so quick before you know it :P It usually does. Hope you well with your exams ^^

    And fried ice cream? What’s that? xD

  3. err it took me 30 secs to register what a tute was. anyway, i TOTALLY know what you mean. i think somehere in our brains, we just want to get over this stupid institution called school!! so it’s sort of switching off, you know?

    you have 2 months!! i have 8! ARGH and so much to do by then! good luck to us both!

  4. Jen said:

    Everyone is talking about Glee these days. I have yet to know what that’s all about. It must be good though, I’ve only heard good things about it.

  5. Lorik said:

    I wish I had time to watch tv! I have heard great things about Glee too…it seems really fun!
    you guys look so cute~~

  6. Leanne said:

    Yes just two more months! I’m really hoping ti flies by too *sigh*

  7. Daisy said:

    ive been curious about fried icecream since forever
    & your smile is so cute =3

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