Things I Love

A long week. A long day. Still struggling in the motivation department, but I’m slowly getting there. Doing some studying at 10pm at night is better than none right? I have a really busy weekend which includes a 21st and housewarming, which I’m pretty excited about :)

This week’s lovefest:

Planning my 21st Birthday: I’m feeling terrified, nervous and excited. One minute I’m regretting putting myself in this position, next minute I’m glad that I’m celebrating my 21 years on this earth with the people I love. It’s a Masquerade Party and I have a gazillion ideas whizzing in my head! I wish some of you guys could come… pity most of you live several oceans away…

Infectious Diseases: I was on the infectious diseases unit this week and surprisingly enjoyed it. In one ward round I saw everything I had learnt and the unit is lovely. There’s something about a patient presenting with fever and then trying to figure out the cause through history, examination and investigations! It’s like detective work, and when you find the bug.. all you need to do is give the right treatment and they are good as gold :D! Also seeing HIV patients and understanding the social issues was really interesting & enlightening. That’s 2 units which have surprising been enjoyable.. renal and ID, hm, maybe I can be the next House? Haha!

Glee: The show premiers next Thursday in Australia! I am buzzing with excitement! The promos look fantastic; the music, the storyline, the script.. ahhhh call me a Gleek! :p

Study dates: I had my first study date with my pal Jason and I think it’s pushing me in the right direction. I haven’t read anything Med (except for tutes) since the start of this Semester and even though it was tiring and boring.. I felt good afterwards. It made me realise how easily distracted I get, with the amount of times  Jason whacked me over the head when he caught me browsing blogs instead of studing ^^;;

Spring is here!: So glad Winter is over, the Winter blues were really getting to me. The weather has been funny with sunshine, pouring rain and monsoon-like winds, but seeing the cherry blossoms is lightning my spirits. Also tonight was the first time I walked along the streets not feeling like I was going to freeze to death!

Other lovelies: Kate giving me a big hug; cheering a friend up; Mona Lisa Smile; gyoza for lunch; snuggled up in bed chatting with friends; Kelly & I having the same idea for my Birthday cake, so we’re going to make it together! :D; bumping into old friends- who haven’t changed a bit!; compliments; wandering around the city’s laneways & discovering funky stores; croissants for breakfast; site visit to Myer Distribution Centre for Occupational Med- really opened my mind! and John Mayer on late nights.          

  1. Jason said:

    what is this new store you speak of that I may like? sounds very intriguing. and leane! im finder it harder and harder to resist buying a camera! gah.

    anyways, we need to plan our next study date! and organise doctor sketchy!

  2. Leanne said:

    “John Mayer on late nights.” Me too!

    A masquerade party sounds so awesome for your 21st, I wish I could come I’ve never been to one before!

  3. Tara said:

    A masquerade? Awesome! If I were in town, I’d definitely attend as the Slytherin girl from Harry Potter. :D But alas . . . the largest ocean in the world is in the way. Somebody really needs to perfect teleportation.

  4. Minna said:

    Oh wow when do you turn 21???!?!! I dind’t know we were birthdaymonthbuddies :D :D :D

    That sounds like an episode of House – I BET that is interesting! And scary, and frustrating.. ;-)

    I do late night studying too. Something always catch my attention, and usually it’s all in my head. I guess we just need to find motivation through others, sometimes =)

  5. emma said:

    that sounds amazing
    my birthday is coming up too but i dont know what am going to do for it if anything
    lalaa =_=

  6. Lorik said:

    I was planning my 22 birthday, but then realized that I will have too much school work to do anything ;_____; im a little sad. Masquerade Party!!! i wish i could come!!!
    awww study dates! i have those too! they can either be really efficient or not efficient at all hahaha~

  7. Katy said:

    “Infectious Diseases” — LOL when I read that header I was like WTF. =P

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