Nearly there

A sense of dissatisfaction has plagued me for the past few months. It’s as though I’ve reached a plateau in terms of self-development and happiness. I’m finding myself scrambling to get things done and after a while everything feels rather aimless. I’m so damn glad that Winter’s claws are loosening their hold and my favourite seasons are just around the corner, so I thought maybe to reignite my motivation to finish this year off with a bang I should reassess & create new goals.

These were my goals at the start of 2009 and here are my revived goals for the rest of 2009 :

  • Control my emotions. Don’t take things out on my family just because I had a bad day and show more appreciation.
  • Lessen my potty mouth– I’ve some how started to develop a swearing tongue
  • Be more organised. Write down lists. Plan. Stick to them. Stop complaining.
  • Listen.
  • Be more outgoing. More charming. More lively. I’ve totally blasted my original goal of making 3 new friends this year and there is aways room for more!
  • Communicate more with the people I love.
  • Stop being angry and upset with the past. Focus on today.
  • Reduce the snack intake- replace chips with fruit!
  • Speak out. Don’t be afraid to provide my own insight or give things a go.
  • Go back to seeing more patients again. Be pro-active!
  • Learn to use my cameras & let loose on them!
  1. Leanne said:

    I think your goals for the end of this year are great, they’re very, very achievable which is always a plus :)

    In all honesty, you are an amazing person Leanne. One of the most amazing people I know! I hope when you’re feeling down you’ll remember that there are always people who believe in you and the things you do. ♥

  2. uhm, if i had to make a list, that would be the same list. haha! good luck to us both!

  3. Jason said:

    at the end of this year, if you’re in the country..
    LETS GO TRIGGER CRAZY (with our cameras)

  4. Lorik said:

    that photo is amazing! it’s makes me smile~
    you can do it Leanne~~ ^__________^

  5. emma said:

    cute photo and that looks like a great list of things :D i am sure you’ll achieve ALL OF THEM!

  6. Amanda said:

    I love your goals – there’s a lot in common with things I wish to achieve… although I’m a sucker and never write out goals (thus fail at trying to achieve them) because I’m a scaredy cat. But good on you!

  7. Jen said:

    I should totally copy this list verbatim for myself but it seems so daunting. I think if you accomplished even just 1 it’s a big achievement!

  8. Daisy said:

    those are some really really great goals, i should probably add some of them to my list as well.
    good luck! im sure you’ll finish off the year in the best way possible =)

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