Wayward week

Firstly thanks everyone for your encouraging words! This week has been a rather off-centred week. I had my Renal rotation which was surprisingly “good” and the renal reg, Trung is so funny & quirky. Haha~ It was true what Simon said “I just went to renal ward rounds just to see Trung. He’s hilarious!” It is such a pity I only get one week with them :( I was not a fan of the kidney but this week has pushed me to reconsider. Also, attended Uro clinic and did my first 2 PR (per rectum) exams which was interesting. Prostate check anyone? :p

12 pages of mumble jumble

Randomly woke up one morning with a unilateral red eye. Visited the optometrist and then GP and I was told I had an eye infection (Geez, I swear this year is a first for everything in terms of random illnesses!). Also developed a sore throat last week and now have an irritating cough D: Most of the week has been spent on my EBCP assignment which was a real drag -who knew epidemiology and probability was a part of Med?! 

Mmmmm… t’was a good lunch!

Today I skipped the 7:30am lecture and was planning to go to Pathology tute but I arrived really late and thought it would be rude if I walked in so I went to the library and read about the topic we were going to discuss. Afterwards I met up for lunch and catch up with my dear highschool friend Katie whom I haven’t seen for almost 3 years. I feel kind of bad because as we were chatting I realised that we were once really good friends especially in the last year of highschool and I don’t know how I let these 3 years pass by without seeing her. We had lunch at Meshiya Japanese restaurant, which was the same place we lunched 3 years ago. I had zaru soba with tempura and Katie had the teriyaki chicken bento. Also to my delight,  she’s a cupcake-lover too! (OMG! How could I have missed that?!) Definitely more catch-ups in the future!  

  1. jessica said:

    PR? Umm… congrats :D that must have been fun for you lol, but I guess not that person you were doing it to?

    o.o eye infection? Is it better now? Hope you don’t get anything else weird for the rest of the year! :O

    Yea, I haven’t been keeping in touch with my friends, but I should T^T

  2. emma said:

    yeah that happens to me a lot
    i dont really take care of myself and i hate going to doctors so if it goes away good if it doesnt then i’ll force myself to go
    sometimes it’s good to catch up, but also sometimes it’s bad bc it reminds you of how much time has passed =(

  3. Leanne said:

    It’s always great to catch up with old friends. I really hope I never really lose touch with all of mine, the most I’ve gone without seeing someone is a couple of months. I think if you take a little time to pencil in time to see each other it makes it really worth while! :)

  4. Tara said:

    Damn, you keep getting diseases ~__~;;; Must be from working in a hospital. Hope your infection is better.

    And that tempura looks delish. I want some.

  5. Amanda said:

    Wow, that lunch looks amaaazing. Beats what I had to eat just an hour ago D:
    As for urhm, *checkups*… i dont have a prostate! haha. But wow, did the GP say how you could’ve possibly gotten that eye infection? Cos that seems pretty random.

  6. Jenii said:

    Glad to read that your in better moods!! Love readin about your Ned adventures XD it’s like one of those shows but the REAL version. OMG lunch looked awesome. Zaru soba is one of my faves!!

    Hope your infections and coughs go away quick!

    Gotta go catch up on your Italy trip DX I’ve been I-dead lately.

  7. Daisy said:

    tempura & soba looks so yum!!
    must be nice to catch up with a friend after 3 years, hope your eyes & throat are feeling much better by now

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