Going Gaga


Jason’s 21st on Saturday night! I had an amazing time and the costumes were fkn awesome! The theme was Lady Gaga, haha.. Still recovering though =_=” Slept all day Sunday and my left eye was half closed throughout the day today, lol.

*Note: some photos may be disturbing, haha :p

Dress, Kenji (borrowed). Heels, Siren (borrowed). Lightning Bolt, done by my lil’ sis.

The Birthday boy in his 2nd costume for the night. Amazing!!!

On first glance I thought it was Lady Gaga, but no it was Syahir :D

There were so many amazing & random costumes.. argh I wish I could show them all! But then you’ll be seeing my face too much. Lol. Some of Jason’s friends ordered a male striper who was a fantastic entertainer, getting the audience involved. Surprisingly, he was very shy when I was chatting to him whilst he was in his casual clothes. :) Made me realise that being a stripper is just his job, doesn’t reflect the person he really is. 

It was also the first time I wore false lashies which weren’t too bad. Props to my little sister who did an amazing job with my lightning bolt. It was done with eye pigment and took an hour! Also props to my good pal Frances for letting me rummage through her wardrobe and borrow her stuff. I am in love with her shoes… may consider delaying their return :p

  1. Dakota said:

    – HA HA hoe-biscuits, I’m the first to comment. Just kiddin’.

    I love the Gaga makeup! And you’re way cute.

  2. Daisy said:

    haha i love the pretty lightning bolt!
    you look soo cute!!

  3. Amanda said:

    Gaah! That’s the most epic theme I’ve heard for a 21st birthday yet… that’s just pure brilliance! I’m totally loving those heels you borrowed, they’re killer <3

  4. Becca said:

    wow! such a good lightning bolt haha… did you use a stencil? im sure if i did one on my face it would get all crooked and end up looking like a tuft or hair or something xD

  5. jessica said:

    Lol nice! But rofl, I was glancing though your pics and I was focusing on the clothes a bit more than the faces so when I saw the birthday boy, I thought it was a girl (but now that I look at it, it’s a guy’s body)… then I read the caption o.o Yea, I’m stupid :(

  6. emma said:

    i thought i commented bfore since i saw the pix on FB! u look gREAT and it looked so fun :D

  7. jayjayne said:

    ZOMG! Great outfits – and some seriously crazy ones! I love how the guys are the one’s who have gone all out for this! XD

  8. Lorik said:

    OMG!!!! this is so awesome!! ^_________^ you guys look awesome~
    good job to your sister! the lighting bolt looks awesome~

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