Things I Love

Ahhhh this week really flew by! Actually it feels time has escaped me since I started 2nd semester. I don’t feel like I’ve really grasped anything lately.. it’s like everything has just passed me by… so I think it’s time I sit back and soak in the lovely things which have whizzed by these 7 days.

Cupcake Bakery: Yet another cupcake shop has graced the streets of Melbourne. I’ve been stalking this place since its conception days and was estatic when my little sister came home to announce that my stalkee has finally opened! I tried the Red Velvet of course and I must admit the “cake” part was a bit ordinary, and was not as fluffy and flavoursome as my favourite joint Little Cupcakes but the cream cheese frosting was heaven! I love the design of the store with the cupcakes displayed at the front~

Gastroenterology unit: The day I say “I love Gastro!” Hahaha :p It’s one of those units I don’t hear people talk about often. I hear a lot about Cardio, Neuro, Ortho, etc etc, but no seems to mention the unit which is responsible for all things from our mouth to our but! I started my new rotation this week with the Gastro unit and have been enjoying it. The resident, Damon was the resident when I was on my Neuro rotation so it was nice to see a familiar face. He’s so funny and helpful! The registrar is also very lovely.. actually all I’ve met on this unit thus far have been really helpful and friendly!

Grandma of Radiology: I’m also on a Radiology rotation, so Tuesday is radiology day! I’ve never been really keen on radiology but after meeting the sweet Dr Nina Sacharias who calls herself  “the grandma of Radiology” I almost don’t want to admit that radiology is kind of fun :p Nina is the sweetest and funniest little lady and she greets us with “Good morning my children.” :) I swear she must be 70 or 80 but she’s still as sharp as ever and has the cutest analogies to keep us interested despite 3 hours of learning how to read x-rays.


The cafe at the top of the Baker building:  I’ve heard rumours about it and those rumours were confirmed when the final year Med students invited me for coffee on top of the Baker Building. The Baker Building is a research building next to the Alfred Hospital and the cafe people speak of is perched at the top, hence has a beautiful view of the park below. It was a lovely way to spend my break; I got shouted a hot chocolate which was really chocolatey :) and was in the company of once hilarious helpful acquaintances which have now become friends. 

Wearing a top as a dress: Hahaha~ and I got a lot of compliments on it as well :D When I saw it in the sale section of Bardot I thought it was a dress and tried it on in the change rooms as a dress. It was only when I was looking at the tag that I realised it was a top :p But I think it looks better as a dress anyway, haha~ I shall wear it again tomorrow! 

Other lovelies: Joshua Radin; Kakashi’s past – omgoosssh such a sad episode; the feeling after you’ve made a speech – relief!; Spring approaching; seeing how happy Cheryl is with her love; reading inspirational words;  “Sorry Leanne, I haven’t been able to stop staring at you all night.. I really like your dress… it is really flattering on you!”; elective med students from England; 21st Birthday speech at my friend’s party by her drunk cousin, “A toast to world domination and kicking arse!” LMAO xD; bumping into an old friend; drug companies sponsoring delicious free lunches for the doctors~ that’s one of the reasons I turn up to their meetings :p; Magherita pizza; charm bracelet my aunty bought from Paris, Lindt cafe and tomorrow night! :D

  1. Thao said:

    What?! Another cupcake store! In addition to that Lindt cafe…so jealous..I should open up my own cupcake-chocolate cafe here!!

  2. jessica said:

    Hi! Remember me? We talked like January (which is a really long time ago and I didn’t realize it) But anyways, I’ve been kinda following your blog since then and I forgot to ask if you want to do a link exchange? I just love reading about your experiences in med school. But we’re the same age so it’s just weird to me lol I hope I get into med school @.@

    Lol where I live, there’s not maybe cutesy stores, nor are there cutesy bakeries T^T You’re very lucky to have access to more than one cupcake shop!

    Yea, Gastro seems underrated here too. I guess not many people are into it. For some reason, the people I talked to in high school wanted to do Radiology as a specialty o.o I don’t know why though… Does it seem easier?

  3. emma said:

    sounds like you’re having an amazing time and yes i love joshua radin, he’s amazing, i love his most recent material his previous albums didn’t nearly impress me as much.
    btw your hair so so cute
    jealouse jealouse

  4. Anna said:

    Cupcakes! I envy you for being able to visit to many cupcake stores in your town! We have none in Oslo! Meh. And btw! What’s: “Sorry Leanne, I haven’t been able to stop staring at you all night.. I really like your dress… it is really flattering on you!” Oo-la-la! :p

  5. Shiri said:

    Oh my those cupcakes look absolutely delicious! We don’t actually have cupcake bakeries here in Finland. Sad, sad. We only have a donut store.

  6. Lorik said:

    man i can’t find any cupcake stores…i guess cupcakes aren’t very popular over here…orr i am bad at finding stores ;_________;
    i love the photos~ your bracelet is very lovely~

  7. Kim said:

    Cupcakes! I’ve never bought a cupcake because I’ve always made my own, but red velvet is a hard one to perfect. It has to have the perfect ratio of everything to keep it moist without having an awkward taste!

    I love your bracelet, btw!

    Keep posting your cafe/little shop finds!

  8. Joann said:

    Here’s something else that’s mind boggling: wearing an old dress (one you worse as a little child) as a top – probably a tank top style one.

  9. Jen said:

    Cupcakes are the cutest things, and cupcake shops are even cuter. How expensive is one cake? We have a cute shop here and the cakes are pricey for a little thing!

    My best friend is famous for wearing tops as dresses. She’s luck she can pull that off. I always tease her, when I come home with a tunic tube top (that’s clearly too short to be a dress) I tell her “hey look at my dress!”

  10. loulou said:

    That sweet little old lady is my mum! I was showing her the functions on my phone when we came across your blog. She was so happy to read your comments. She’s an amazing person who really deserves a medal…..hang on…come to think about it…she’s got one! Thanks.

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