During a leisurely car ride down the classy Collins Street, my eyes fell upon a treasure which made me absolutely freak! As soon as I got home, I rushed to the laptop and googled, emailed and organised an outing for my fellow chocolate lovers announcing to them that a Lindt Cafe has come to Melbourne!

I’ll let the photos do the talking :9

Making my hot chocolate. Yes I’m still in my clinical clothes, totally suited the atmosphere though, hehe~

It was soooooooo good~

Syahir’s St Moritz cake – layers of dark, milk & white chocolate mousse and almond sponge

Syahir’s Roselli & Champagne macaroons

Hamon’s Celebration du Chocolat cake – layers of dark chocolate & milk chocolate mousse

Kelly’s Opera cake – layers of dark chocolate ganache, coffee butter cream & almond sponge soaked in coffee syrup

My waffle with Lindt vanilla ice-cream & hot fudge to drizzle on top

If you look closely, you can see the brown vanilla speckles

Sally’s flourless chocolate cake with Lindt chocolate ice-cream


  1. Tara said:


    This post is sinfully delicious looking. I want all of them!

  2. Amanda said:

    OMIGOSHHH!! I’m soo jealous, Lindt chocolate is amazing! Argh, why couldnt they open one here :( (oh i know why… its nz -_-)

  3. Louise said:

    The waffle with ice cream on top looks delicious! I’m jealous!

  4. winn said:

    oh gosh everything looks so delicious!
    I really like lindt thins! those square pieces which are only a couple mm thick but they don’t sell them here ;__; sigh, perhaps one day I will see a lindt cafe here too? So jealous :P

  5. Lorik said:

    OMG TORTURE!!!!!!! ;___________; i want chocolate!!!!! I have never heard of a Lindt Cafe before~ It is amazing!!

  6. Cynthia said:

    mmmm … especially at that ice cream and waffle … there’s too much chocolate in there though! LOL

  7. Shiri said:

    Mmm, looks delicious!! Macaroons seem to be very popular these days. I’ve never tasted one.

  8. Thao said:

    YUMYUMYUMYUM. My biggest regret from Switzerland is that I didn’t eat enough chocolate!!!!!!

    So jealous, I wish they would open a Lindt cafe near me.

  9. Jen said:

    OMG SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know they even had those :O!

  10. Kim said:

    OMGG that looks so delicious! I’m from the States, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Lindt shop. I think it’s so amazing that you get to MAKE your own hot chocolate! This is a must-find!

  11. Leanne said:

    Ahhh!! You guys finally have a Lindt cafe! :D There’s several in Sydney… I think. I’ve only been once and had a macaron. It was gooood! Try the rose one it’s my favourite!

  12. Og. My. God.

    You have just made me drool all over my keyboard! Damn, Brisbane and our waning cultural and foodie atmosphere! /wishes she lived in Melbourne/Sydney instead.

    Now, I’ve got to go out and find me some macaroons and gooey … oozing … chocolatey chocolate cake …


  13. emma said:

    i prefer lindt over godivas!!!!! lucky you
    we dont have one
    we’ll give you our h&m instead?

  14. Sorry I have been away from commenting for so long. Last quarter of undergraduate & dead blog made it difficult. I’m back & link exchanged so I’m ready for awesome post like this one!!

    ….*drools*… This is sinful & even though I just ate makes me want to eat so much chocolate… totally want that last one…. *drools*

  15. Katy said:

    OMG those cakes look sooo good!

  16. hannie said:

    omgsh……YOU ARE SO LUCKY you have a Lindt cafe!!!! omgsh, was it expensive!?

    those all look soo good, and super fatty :( hahah but its worth it, it seems!

  17. Minna said:

    Leanne I am so glad I don’t like cake because this entry would be torture for anyone!!!

  18. Dakota said:

    DELICIOUS!!! I’m going to the Chocolate-Boutique in Auckland, he he.

  19. Anna said:

    The chocolate looks really nice!

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