Getting into routine

It has been a failure in terms of mood and action this week with returning to uni for a new semester and getting back into routine. My mind has been swirling with unkind thoughts which are making me want to hide and be invisible, but I know that being hidden is not going to solve anything.


Anyway, today I got back into tutoring my students after putting them on a break whilst I was running around Italy. It gets tiring, but I need the money especially with 21st parties piling up. Dad also wanted to take the family out for lunch so we drove to Richmond and tried out a new Vietnamese cafe. I ordered Laksa which was very very delicious and my Dad had cinnamon chicken with rice and the chicken was unbelievably good! I never knew cinnamon went so well with chicken!

Next week I am on the Cardiothoracics unit, which is a surgical unit, which means… 7am wardrounds! CRIES! Next weekend is going to be very busy, as it will be filled with liquid desire, Chinese cocktails & sketching burlesque dames … ooo I am looking forward to it! :D   

  1. Ooh are you going to Dr. Sketchy’s?? Very cool soup – reminds me of my fav Tom Kah Gai *drool*

  2. Tara said:

    7am wardrounds? That sounds . . . fun ~___~; *hugs* Actually, any time before 10am is just too early!

    And I’m sorry to hear you’re having some difficulties going back into routine! It’s always a pain after coming back from a glorious vacation to be jutted back into the monotonous cycle of work!

  3. Jamie said:

    I don’t blame you, for not wanting to watch the video. It’s nothing bad it just talks about how bloody mary freaks me out. But yeah, that soup looks delicious.

  4. Anna said:

    The food looks really great!

    How long did your summer vacation last? If I remember correctly you spent a week (or two?) in Italy, and before that you didn’t have any summer vacation. And you’ve been home for what, a week or two? Which means a summer vacation for a month? O_o Mine’s like more than 2 months. I’m sort of tired of being in China :p Haha.

  5. winn said:

    :0 what subject are you tutoring? It can be pretty tiring but it’s sort of rewarding when they understand? :D/
    I haven’t had Vietnamese food in ages ;__; I miss it!

  6. Shiri said:

    You are making me hungry with that delicious photo! ;)

  7. Caity said:

    Wow that looks delicious! Good luck getting back into the swing of things!

  8. Leanne said:

    Aw, sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling too good lately. I’m sure when you get used to everything again you’ll feel super :)

  9. emma said:

    we have a richmond here
    and we have a laksa shop there too! though it wasn’t delicious
    hope you are doing ok
    work is tiring but it’s exhilarating too..
    i like working :/ that sounds sad but having friends is more tiring

  10. Thao said:

    There’s a Vietnamese restaurant here in Geneva and I’ve been eyeing it for a while. However, it seems really pricy and the people who eat there all seem like they have money. But your picture is making me want to go in so badly. I am in desperate need of Vietnamese food. Haha, never thought I would ever say that in my life.

  11. hannie said:

    you are so lucky your drinking age is lower than mine!!! i hope you have fun at all the 21 parties!!!!

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