Needs warmth

I’ve been trying to fill myself up with something as warm as a hug, by sipping mugs of hot chocolate. (Anyone know how to make the perfect hot chocolate?!) When I was in Italy, they had cafe’s which had THIRTY-TWO flavours of hot chocolate! They were the thickest/choco-liest hot chocolates I’ve ever had & made me feel really snug even on an Italian summer’s night. I tried 2 of the 32: hazelnut hot chocolate and strawberry & lychee hot chocolate. They also came in these beautiful mug & saucers and the one I had in Florence came with a cookie spoon.

Hazelnut hot chocolate & cookie spoon

 Bit messy because everyone jumped in to taste before I took the photo :p

I’ve been feeling a bit blue and unmotivated lately. Maybe it’s the gloomy sky or dark mornings which I wake up to or maybe my brain & body are not really thrilled with returning to uni/Alfred hospital for semester 2.  Despite being on CAGE (General Cardiology unit) which is a rotation I’ve been looking forward to and the team being a lovely bunch of people, I’m feeling really hollow. On the 2nd day of semester 2, I skipped clinic to go home because I just couldn’t be bothered.

I dunno; I want some kind of warmth and inspiration. Someone to take me by the hand and whisk me away & take me on an adventure!

I just want the weekend to come quickly…

  1. Tara said:

    32 flavours of hot chocolate? Well, hello Baskin-Robbins + 1 meet hot chocolate! :D

    Sounds like your suffering from the winter blahs as well as the traveller’s blahs ~_~;; I’m sorry you feel that way! *hugs*

  2. Jen said:

    Wow, so mayn flavors of hot cocoa. And I’m only used to one…Swiss Miss =P With or without marshmallows. hehe. I bet the hazelnut one was to die for.

    Oooh was there a raspberry one? I love chocolate and raspberries. :)

  3. winn said:

    oh my, it looks so thick and rich! I heard rum in hot chocolate makes it really delicious (I’ve never tried it though…)

  4. Amanda said:

    Ooohh that hot chocolate looks sooo thick! It’s like clinging to the walls of the mug! I want one now >< I had two hot chocs today cos i work at a cafe and get them for free… but they’re nowhere near as epic as the ones you mentioned – 32?!? Eek. haha

  5. What a lovely photograph! Hot chocolate always brings me to a happy place :) We love white chocolate raspberry in winter, and peppermint cocoa at Christmas :)

  6. Jamie said:

    Awww I’m sorry you’re feeling blue. I hope things get better soon. What cd’s of Ayu’s do you have? I have 4 of her’s. I have Missunderstood, Secret, I am, and Next Level.

  7. Lorik said:

    i love love love it. When everyone of my friends get coffee and coffee shops…i always get hot chocolate~ haha~

  8. Leann said:

    Hot chocolate is wonderful, especially peppermint flavoured hot chocolate! I remember visiting a place in Australia which was called something like Maxwells Coffe or Chocolate. I don’t quite remember but it had really nice hot chocolate :)

    I hope that you feel more inspired and fulfilled. Perhaps spending an evening with some friends or going out to a beautiful place (such as the beach, or watching stars) will do the trick. Take care!

  9. gilda said:

    wah, 32 flavours of hot chocolate is mighty intense. i’m happy just to have a regular cup made of real chocolate!

  10. emma said:

    oh my gosh i didntk now u were back
    ok i will read the entries seriously tomorrow! while its too late tonight!

  11. Anna said:

    A hot chocolate sounds nice! Not for me now in 40 degrees celsius, but nice! :p And it’s so weird thinking that you guys have winter while we have summer in both Norway and China. haha :p

    I am always like that too before starting a new semester. Especially the 2nd semester when it’s all cold and dark, and the only thjing you want to do is sleep and stay in. But hang in there Lea! I’m sure something exciting will come your way!

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