Things I Love

Syahir’s cute pacman necklace

It has been a busy week with starting a new rotation; relatives from Vietnam flying over and exams in a week. I think my mind and body have already gone into holiday mode with mid-year holidays just around the corner. It’s a Sunday night and to my relief I have Monday off, so time for  “Things I Love”.

Going away party: My lovely lovely lovely friend Frances organised a going away party.. the reason “because it’s a long flight to Italy.” Despite my protests that I’ll only be away for 17 days and most people wouldn’t realise that I’ve disappeared in that time anyway because I haven’t told many people, she was adament to send me off in a good way. An intimate dinner at Kimchi Grandma then driving over to someone’s place to play Poker, watch footy and laugh with friends was the perfect “going away party.” Getting a lift home was good too because Will drove me home and it was a good chance to catch up and realise how lucky I am to have friends like these ♥

Heart failure unit: I started by Cardiorespiratory rotation with Heart Failure and was gobsmacked with how terribly nice everyone was.  I have nicknamed this unit as  the “fixing broken heart” unit :p The registrar shouted me hot chocolate at the end of one of the ward rounds and the consultants are wonderful doctors and amazing teachers. In the clinics, the consultants would ask us to do blood pressures and brief cardio exams on every patient and were always asking us if we had any questions.

Hugs: Especially the firm-bear hugs where the person gives you a little reassuring squeeze, making you feel safe and special.

Feasts: Since my relatives from Vietnam are here we’ve been having a lot of big dinners which have made my tastebuds very happy. Tomorrow we’re going for Yum Cha- YAY! :D

Holidays!: Seven more freakin’ days!

Other lovelies: the pork at Kimchi Grandma; Alex: “I was going to get you a going away present but then I spent my money on Dragonball Z” ^^;; lol; people offering me a lift home so that I would stay longer for the fun; sweet text messages; racing across the city squished in the backseat with 3 others; Riverside MotherF!!!!! hahaha; free fragrance; Harbour town at night; people who have never spoken to me but recognise me from 7 years ago because I went to their school, coming up to me and striking a convo as though we’ve always known each other, hehe; lobster & noodles annnnnnddd long weekends!     

  1. Ah, that’s an adorable necklace! And yay for Italy! I think that’s cute you had a little going-away party. I went to Poland last year for only two years, and my friends insisted we go out for dinner before I left, so you’re not alone!

    And hugs are amazing, for sure :)

  2. emma said:

    sounds like things are going great
    im so excited for you for italy i can’t wait to see all the pictures you BETTER TAKE
    it’ll probably be hard for you to blog during but please do show us everything after~!

  3. Winn said:

    Have heaps of fun there! Can’t wait for your photos when you get back! My friends had gelato five times a day when they went ^^; try everythinggggg!

  4. Tara said:

    I am curious as to what Kimchi Grandma is now. That happened to be the first thing that captured my eyes about this post! ^^;; And wooot. Holiday! Lucky you. :D

  5. hannie said:

    firm bear hugs are my FAVORITE. i like to give them too :D

    safe journey to Italy for you….eat lots of gelato, ride in the gondolas, meet a cute boy and drink bottled water!!! haha, i hope you have fun !

    and i better see pics when you get back!

  6. Thao said:

    That’s so sweet of them to give you a going away party. And damn right, that’s a long flight to Italy for you. I hope you have a safe trip and have lots of fun there! And don’t forget to take pictures!!

  7. Minna said:

    Broken hearts – what a melancholic name for it, yet so terrible, if someone really does die from a broken heart. Imagine how useless one must feel, when there’s just nothing to do?

    I think your friends sound like the best ever, and I doubt mine would ever ever do such a thing for me, nor me for them, as a matter of fact.

    I wish you a safe flight – sending a bear hug your way!

  8. Jen said:

    That’s nice of your friend to plan a little something for you. :) 17 days is a long trip. One of my friends and I have dinner everytime I’d come home from a trip, and my trips are only like 5 days. =P Who knows, maybe you’ll get a fun welcome home party too!

    Did I mention I’m jealous that you’re going to Italy? You lucky girl.

  9. Karen said:

    Thanks for the advice, Leanne! Most of my friends are traveling this summer so I’d feel really left out if I don’t go somewhere! lol

    I hope you’ll have a blast in Italy! It’s definitely one of the places that I’d like to visit. I’m considering study abroad in Rome :)

    Aww, “fix broken heart” unit. Those people sound so nice and amazing!

    Haha I love hugs too. I bet I’ll be hugging a lot of people after graduation this Saturday ^^

  10. Daisy said:

    your friends are so sweet to have organized that party for you. everything sounds great, take care & enjoy your holiday =)

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