Things I Love

Red velvet & Belgium chocolate cupcakes

Catching up with old friends: Bought lovely cupcakes for meet up with Frances today! I’ve been craving red velvet for the past 2 weeks. Mmmm~ it totally lived up to my expectations, haha! Frances’ boyfriend and brother and his girlfriend also turned up, which was a pleasant surprise. Almost like a family reunion plus me, teheheeh~ 

New cupcake store: There’s a new cupcake store opening in Melbourne in June, which is in 2 days! When I found out I was so estactic I nearly flipped. The cupcake photos on the website look absolutely positively scrumptious! I can’t wait!!! :D

Swacket: When I saw this beautiful combination of a sweater and jacket, I fell in love. Well not quite love.. but you get the gist :p The reason I cannot get it out of my mind is because it’s basically infinite jackets in one! There are 4 sets of snaps which allow you to contort the swacket into multiple styles. Check out only a snippet of its versatility here! Alas.. it’s out of my reach price wise. :(

When good times are closer than you think! I dunno why I wasn’t aware,  but this week I got the most pleasant surprise when Jono pointed out to me that holidays was only 2 weeks away! I seemed to have in my head for the past few weeks that holidays were a long month away. It’s sooooo good when you think something so far, is actually closer than you think! It suddenly turns your whole attitude and time frame upside down and inside out! :D Italy is close!!

Emails:  It’s always a delight to find a message snuggled amongst the junk and spam. Especially emails from people you don’t see often. It’s nice to know that they were thinking of you and took a moment of their time to express it. :)

Other lovelies: Merlin (I love the Medieval period and I love this show!); pocket-sized textbooks; Ortho consultant: “good job- that was exactly what I wanted”; not caring what people think; $1 Macca’s apple pies; feeling “business-woman-like”; Taylor Swift; hope; finding out about childhood friends & where they are now; patient’s wife “He was a very beautiful man before the stroke.” Me: “He still is.”; seeing so much life ooze out of a gentlemen even though he had a stroke which took away his speech, writing & reading; getting to know people and taking a moment… to breathe. 

  1. tart said:

    =( =( i’m going to miss you when you go toItaly :(

  2. Anna said:

    Haha, cupcakes are such a trademark for you :D! ;)

    I don’t think I’ve written or received any email-emails in many years. =/ I receive emails everyday, but not from friends and them asking me how I am or how they are doing right now.

    I love Merlin as well! Even though the CG’s gotta be the worst in the world! :p I watched the whole season 1 in almost one go! Too entertaining. Can’t wait to see season 2!

  3. Daisy said:

    i never was a fan of cupcakes but i think they’re rubbing off on me now because of you.. i have the urge to go out and find some cupcake stores now, haha!

    that jacket looks so nice in all its variations! too bad it doesn’t have a nice price ;_; & italy in 2 weeks is amazing *O* definitely something wonderful to look forward to =3

  4. Thao said:

    Wow! That is so exciting! In a few weeks, you will be in Italy!!!

    That picture makes me want a cupcake right now…

  5. tiff said:

    Wait, a cupcake store? A store that only sells cupcakes?

    That’s so weird! And yet so delightfully awesome!

    I wonder if we those kind of stores here. Hmm…

  6. Mhaye said:

    oooh so yummy. haha.
    i don’t check my emails often. and i hate spams. haha.

  7. Leanne said:

    Yum, yum! Red velvet cupcake :D You’re going to Italy in 2 weeks?! Aww, I’m so excited for you~ Send me a postcard form there!!!

    I’m also loving Melrin ahhhhhh, Arthur is so hot! HAHA, he kind of acts like a douche but he’s very good to look at :P

  8. hannie said:

    i actually went to a cupcake restaurant? place yesterday! I was going to get red velvet, but I decided on orange chocolate chip!

  9. emma said:

    we have a cupcake store
    is it THE cupcake store? if it’s what i think it is it’s so sweet you’ll die, or choke in your own sugar over load
    im not kidding hahaaa
    that swaket is SO HOT!!!
    how much how much!?

  10. Jayjayne said:

    Cupcakes! I think we would make plans to have our own signature cupcakes and give a shot at making them! (like Masterchef … Mmm tasty) but cupcakes are so win! ;0

    I love seeing people that make the best with what they have – especially those that have been crippled with horrible diseases or have experienced great hardship – it’s those people that make you really feel like life is just magical and surprising – and worth living :) I too work in a hospital (lab rat in path ;p) and to work in such a harsh environment, where there is a lot of personal feelings involved, it can be hard to detatch (my sister is an intern at the moment) and trauma can be particularly hard – but I guess that’s what makes us all who we are! /deepmomentover :D

    Anyhow, love. Coming back to your blog and reading up on the great things in your life! It’s helped me to also accept the better things I’m life over the inevitable crud! :3

    ❤ Jayne

  11. Lorik said:

    cupcakes!!! they are so pretty! i love cupcakes…i always feel bad eating them..because they are so cute~
    i love hanging out with good friends~ and not realizing how close holidays are…its one of hte best things…i feel so encouraged when that happens~

    hope youa are doing well~~~

  12. Jen said:

    “I’ve been craving red velvet for the past 2 weeks”

    —thanks to your picture…now I’m craving them too. I LOVE cupcakes. I think they’re the cutest things ever. =)

  13. Becca said:

    Merlin… like the wizard guy? He was pretty awesome in sword in the stone… but kind of wacko in shrek 3 hahaha

  14. Karen said:

    Another beautiful cupcake picture by Leanne ^^ The cupcake store sounds wonderful! Take more pictures for us when you get a chance to go :) I hope you’ll have fun in Italy! It’s an amazing place.

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